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Requirements to become a successful Medical Representative

Pharma Industry is doing well, and has been growing year after year.  South Asian Pharma Companies have been doing very well domestically, and also exporting their APIs and formulations to other countries as well. Thousands of Pharma manufacturing and marketing industries in the country offer plenty of job opportunities to the youngsters, particularly in good numbers in the Sales and Marketing function at the entry level.  Therefore it is pertinent to understand the requirements of the job, and also what… Keep Reading

Ways to get Succeed as Medical Representative

The secrets to succeed as a Medical Representative: Steps en-route before reaching the Pinnacle

Pharma Industry in India is doing well, and growing year after year.  Therefore many Pharma Companies are already there in the marketplace, and every year new players are joining in.  This has lead to a stiff competition amongst them to convert the Doctors to prescribe their products.  This posts a real challenge for any Medical Representative in Pharma Industry,  more so for the newly joined ones.  This write up is to help them overcome this challenge, and do well in… Keep Reading

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