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chronic fatigue

Nine Types of Medications That can Cause Chronic Fatigue

There are many different factors and underlying health conditions that can affect energy levels from day to day, as well as trigger the condition that is now commonly known as chronic fatigue. In addition to poor diet, irregular sleeping patterns, and preexisting health conditions, a common but unexpected cause of chronic fatigue is pharmaceutical drugs, which many people are likely unaware could be draining them of their energy and life. Here are nine types of pharmaceutical drugs that are linked to… Keep Reading

19 ways to stop smoking naturally
Diseases & Health Tips

Natural Ways to Stop Smoking

Making three positive lifestyle changes really can maximize your chances of living long and well. They are to stop smoking, eat healthily and exercise. Do all three and you cut the risk of dying prematurely by 65 percent, according to one study. What else makes a difference as the years go by? Positive thinking, destressing, and getting plenty of sleep all enhance well-being. In the end, however, the answer to eternal youth comes from locating an on-button within that keeps… Keep Reading

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