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antiaging skin care - ten natural ways
Diseases & Health Tips

Antiaging Skin Care: Top Ten Natural Ways to Maintain Glow of Youth

From our 30s onward, age starts to take its toll on our skin. Color and texture become less vibrant, wrinkles and sagging start to occur, pores enlarge, capillaries break around the cheek and nose, and from our 40s age spots appear on hands and cheeks, forehead, and upper lip, thanks to sun exposure, pregnancy, and the Pill. However, there is plenty we can do to help our skin maintain the glow of youth into our 40s, 50s, and beyond. Healing… Keep Reading

chronic fatigue

Nine Types of Medications That can Cause Chronic Fatigue

There are many different factors and underlying health conditions that can affect energy levels from day to day, as well as trigger the condition that is now commonly known as chronic fatigue. In addition to poor diet, irregular sleeping patterns, and preexisting health conditions, a common but unexpected cause of chronic fatigue is pharmaceutical drugs, which many people are likely unaware could be draining them of their energy and life. Here are nine types of pharmaceutical drugs that are linked to… Keep Reading

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