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Diseases & Health Tips

19 Natural Ways to Beat Anxiety

Aging means change, whether as a result of emotional loss, physical ailments, or mental decline. And for most of us, change brings anxiety. A Dutch study found that anxiety goes hand in hand with depression as we grow older, with women at greater risk than men. Since anxiety can be a risk factor in many diseases, it pays to conquer it by adopting any natural approaches that work for you. Prevent panic attacks Take the homeopathic remedy Aconite 30 c… Keep Reading

Diseases & Health Tips

Migraine – Explained with Infographics

Migraine is a neurovascular syndrome characterized by throbbing unilateral headache and often a premonitory prodrome or aura, nausea, vomiting, photophobia, blurry vision, and GI and¬†other unpleasant symptoms. Almost three times more women than men suffer from migraine. Although many triggers of migraine episodes have been identified, the pathophysiology of the disorder is not clear. [wp_ad_camp_4]Migraine may involve release of monoamines and vasoactive peptides from trigeminal neurons and structures in the brainstem, which first cause cerebral vasoconstriction and then vasodilation, the… Keep Reading

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