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Dr Markus Hartmann Cilian AG Germany
Leaders are Talking

Interview: Markus Hartmann, Founder & CSO of Cilian AG, Germany

Dr Marcus Hartmann is the founder and scientific head of Cilian AG, in Münster, Germany. Established in 2001, privately held Cilian develops fully recombinant vaccines, antibodies and enzymes. Dr Hartmann is one of the leading industrial German experts, who holds few patents and has also published a number of research papers in reputed journals. One of his outstanding developments is the flu vaccine CiFlu®, that received a Scientific Advice from the Federal Institute for vaccines last year. Several German media have… Keep Reading

Tris Meek Thermo Fisher Scientific
Leaders are Talking

Interview: Trish Meek, Director of Product Strategy for Life Sciences at Thermo Fisher, USA.

In March 2012 Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab. According to Trish Meek, Director of Product Strategy for Life Sciences in the Informatics business at Thermo Fisher, taking the paperless route not only benefits laboratory researchers, but also those life sciences staff  at manufacturing and enterprise levels, by significantly reducing human error, increasing efficiency and facilitating integration and ultimately  fostering more robust collaboration both inside and outside the organization. Trish Meek spoke with Pharma Mirror about how the… Keep Reading

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