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Pharmaceutical Articles

Practicing Hospital Pharmacy: Patient Education

Education is the best way to improve compliance. Pharmacist should have larger roles in patient education and in advising patients when they fill their prescriptions. In discussing an illness or drug therapy with a patient a distinction should be made between information and education. Patients may receive information but not understands it and use it correctly, where as education implies understanding and behavioral change. Patients should be encouraged to participate in the discussion and where possible they should be brought… Keep Reading

Pharmaceutical Articles

Bangladesh Perspective Commentary: To have ‘Good Pharmacy Practice’ we have to stop ‘Neither Offering Pharmacy Practice nor Running Apothecary Modeled Pharmacy Business’ situations.

I wonder with the number and business size of the ‘drug-shops’ at my neighborhood area to my residence at middle to upper middle-class people’s living locality in the Dhaka city of Bangladesh. In about 1000 square meters area that surrounds my residence, seven ‘drug-shops’ are doing booming medicine business. For the purpose of understandings on the business prospect, I have drawn here a speculated calculation. Average area of each of those shops is nearly 150 sq. ft. I do not know… Keep Reading

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