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in vitro dissolution
Pharmaceutical Articles

Original Article: In vitro Dissolution Profile acts as a pre-assessment tool for Bioequivalence Study of Generic Pharmaceutical Oral Solid Products.

1.0 Introduction Generic pharmaceutical products are clone of innovator products in the term of actives, strengths, dosage forms, dosage regimens and administrations. Actual fact is that innovator companies are very less in numbers in the world due to requirement of huge investment. Innovator companies are also not in good numbers enough to serve their medicines to all the worldwide patients. Reasonably, generic companies are established to serve their local patients with medicines at a manageable price. Generic companies cannot change… Keep Reading

Pharmaceutical Articles

Short Article: Nanotechnology – New Hopes in Cancer Treatment

Cancer has become a foremost cause of death around the world. Cancer is an extremely complex disease to understand because it entails multiple cellular physiological systems such as cell signaling and apoptosis. However the most cancer treatments are limited to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Even in these scopes, different drawback plays major role shortcoming its affectivity. 99% of chemotherapy does not reach the cancer cells, US National Cancer Institute (OTIR, 2006). Moreover poor drug delivery and residence at the target… Keep Reading

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