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Big Pharma pushes for U.S. action against India over patent worries
Pharmaceutical Articles

Development of Generic Drug Product of Solid Dosage Form and International Regulatory Affairs

Abstract Innovator Company brings medicinal compound(s) as a blessing to human beings after performing lots of clinical trials on animals and humans. Hence, Innovator Company applies the potential medicinal molecule as an Investigational New Drug (IND) to US FDA legally to test the drug on human subjects. After successful clinical trial on human subjects, Innovator Company submits the drug to US FDA as New Drug Application (NDA) and get patent right. During patent period, Innovator Company distributes the medicinal compound… Keep Reading

Pharmaceutical Articles

Storage and release of Ibuprofen by tailoring the morphology of Hollow Mesoporous Silica materials and their characterization.

Abstract Different batches of mesoporous silica spheres with modified pore surface were prepared in single step chemical reaction with diverse surface morphologies and pore geometrics using pluronic¬†F127- non-ionic surfactant, and 3-aminopropyltriethoxy silane (TEOS) and ammonia with and without modification. Ibuprofen was used as a model drug to characterize the different batches of prepared mesoporous silica comprehensively. Ibuprofen drug storage capacities as well rate of drug release profiles from the mesoporous silica were studied. Characteristic of each batch of prepared silica… Keep Reading

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