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Pharmaceutical Articles

Short Article: Nanotechnology – New Hopes in Cancer Treatment

Cancer has become a foremost cause of death around the world. Cancer is an extremely complex disease to understand because it entails multiple cellular physiological systems such as cell signaling and apoptosis. However the most cancer treatments are limited to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Even in these scopes, different drawback plays major role shortcoming its affectivity. 99% of chemotherapy does not reach the cancer cells, US National Cancer Institute (OTIR, 2006). Moreover poor drug delivery and residence at the target… Keep Reading

Pharmaceutical Articles

Article: Concerns on Tramadol Overprescription

It is known that theory and practise sometimes differ, not always for better. In the University lectures tramadol hardly deserved more than brief remark at the end of the pain management chapter. Maybe it should not have been so, seeing how frequently it is prescribed. This is, at least, the impression I have got from my first time in a Hospital, where I am doing my training placement. Unfortunately I have no quantitative data on the tramadol use, but I… Keep Reading

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