3 Causes Of Low Libido In Men

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Libido is something we all have, men and women. It is how we describe our sex drive and an individual’s libido is graded on a curve and is likely to change over time. Culturally, we believe that a man naturally has a higher libido than a woman, but this is not necessarily true. The confusion and misconstruction of libido and sexual desire are likely to cause tension and upset within a relationship, particularly if the partner’s libido changes are not in-sync with one another.


Libido is not the same as erectile dysfunction, but often they are connected. One of the biggest causes of both a sluggish libido and unsatisfactory erections is mental health and emotional well-being.

Men can use sildenafil tablets (https://www.postmymeds.co.uk/treatments/erectile-dysfunction/buy-sildenafil-tablets-generic-viagra/), medications, and other topical treatments to get on top of the physical reactions to the situation upon consulting with their GPs. However, this might be better thought of as a temporary solution. Viagra and other tablets are extremely effective for the majority of patients but if your mental health or stress levels are particularly severe, you might find that this is not effective. There are studies that show that Sildenafil tablets (Viagra) can actually help a man’s emotional well-being, by helping to put the spark back into their relationship and relieving some stress, also helping to reconnect with a loved one.

Anxiety, stress, depression, and other emotional, and mental health concerns can cause a low libido because the production of sex-drive hormones could be inhibited. Testosterone production primarily occurs during sleep and is the hormone that fuels a man’s libido. If sleep is interrupted or unsatisfactory, individuals are less likely to have the necessary testosterone levels required for healthy and ample sex life.

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices, such as heavy drinking, smoking, and recreational drug use can have an impact on a man’s libido. Fortunately, if this is the cause of your lacking libido, you could see a turnaround as soon as you remove these harmful behaviors from your life.

Smoking is recorded to have a direct relationship with erectile function, which is further supported by other research that states smoking makes men feel emasculated because of cultural constructs, ultimately resulting in diminished libido.

Alcohol can have a long-term effect on the libido when excessive abuse occurs over time. This happens when the enzymes required to break down testosterone are not performing optimally, ultimately impairing testosterone production in later life.

Obesity and being overweight is one of the biggest threats to our modern lives, including a man’s libido. Obesity goes hand in hand with high blood pressure and cholesterol, which is another factor for low libido, but hormone production and the function of the body are drastically impaired by excessive weight. This is obviously dangerous for your health as a whole, but it also fuels depression (happiness hormones are not produced at the same rate) and energy levels are reduced, ultimately impairing sexual function and desire.


It’s no surprise that medications are also a cause of low libido for men, it is actually quite a common side effect listed on the information leaflet. However, it is much more common than many men may realize. Medication that affects blood pressure medications is common and is often overlooked for its impact on libido.

Medications or drugs that impact hormonal function are also likely to influence libido, this could be anything from the treatment for prostate cancer to topical or oral hair loss treatments.  If you do notice your sexual drive is changing or fluctuating radically, you should speak to your doctor to see if alternative medications would be suitable.

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