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Toward Better Drugs: Technological Advances Drive Pharmaceutical Innovation

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In the late 1990s, industry experts predicted the pharmaceutical industry would increasingly struggle to fulfill the world’s medical needs. Aging populations and rising affluence mean consumers’ expectations are greater now than ever. But the late 20th century projections were accurate — Research and Development(R&D) costs have continued to climb steadily, even as the number of new molecular entities (NMEs) and biologics is dropping. Essentially, the industry is spending about twice as much on R&D as it did a decade ago.…

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New iron oxide nanoparticle that delivers cancer drugs to cells

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nanoparticle delivers tracks cancer drugs

UNSW chemical engineers have synthesised a new iron oxide nanoparticle that delivers cancer drugs to cells while simultaneously monitoring the drug release in real time. [wp_ad_camp_4]The result, published online in the journal ACS Nano, represents an important development for the emerging field of theranostics – a term that refers to nanoparticles that can treat and diagnose disease. “Iron oxide nanoparticles that can track drug delivery will provide the possibility to adapt treatments for individual patients,” says Associate Professor Cyrille Boyer from…

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