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Things You Need To Consider Before Purchasing Used Lab Equipment

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing Used Lab Equipment

Not all scientists or laboratory operators have lots of money to burn, most particularly in terms of buying lab equipment, which represents a huge slice of the laboratory’s funding pie. Luckily, scientists can take advantage of purchasing used lab equipment since these tools are more affordable than new ones.

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5 Tips for Students’ Success in Pharmacy School and Beyond

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Pharmacy graduation

Pharmacy is far from being an easy field. As a pharmacy student, it can be quite difficult to get started and learn how to study efficiently. And unless you can master the intricate “art” of studying, you can’t possibly achieve success. If you feel like pharmacy school is too stressful and overwhelming, this article is just what you need! We’ll offer you five useful tips that can ensure your success in pharmacy school and beyond! While our article is primarily…

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