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Dermatology Conference 2018

“International Conference on Clinical & Experimental Dermatology” going to be held during December 05-06,2018 at Dubai,UAE. The conference is organized … Keep Reading

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Sygnature Discovery Boosts DMPK Capabilities with Four Senior Appointments

in Pharmaceutical News
Sygnature Discovery Boosts DMPK Capabilities with Four Senior Appointments

Sygnature Discovery, a leading independent integrated drug discovery and pre-clinical services company, has recruited four key individuals to boost its DMPK (drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics) capabilities. Dr Stuart Best, Dr Hayley Butler, Dr Daniel Weston and Dr Bodo Spöri have all joined the senior management team of the company’s DMPK department. Dr Stuart Best joins as Associate Director of DMPK and will manage and supervise the growth of the Alderley Park-based part of the DMPK team, which opened in 2018.…

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The New Booster of the Pharma Industry: Smart Packaging

in Pharmaceutical Articles
Smart packaging in pharmaceuticals industry

With so many data-driven and AI-oriented and trending technologies already impacting the face of logistics and packaging market, the global pharmaceutical industry gets roped in with them all to yield overall better results. The growth in the global pharmaceutical industry will be driven by safety concerns and the ability of products to fit in the loop of connectivity and communication. Smart labels, QR scanning, brand protection, and identification are some of the aspects that indicate that smart packaging industry needs…

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4 Ways to Support Loved Ones During Substance Abuse Recovery

in Diseases & Health Tips
Substance abuse recovery help

Everyone faces hardships in life. While physical ailments, like cancer or diabetes, are looked at as valid and real struggles, there is an unfortunate stigma attached to the disease of addiction. When someone you know or love is struggling with substance abuse or lifestyle addiction, it can be incredibly difficult to navigate, reach out, and show support. There is a fine line between abandoning a person in need of help and being overbearing to the point of making the situation…

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