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Workplace Health Hazards That Often Go Unaddressed
Pharma Interest

4 Types of Workplace Health Hazards That Often Go Unaddressed

Almost all workplaces can present some sort of hazard to your health, whether you notice them or not. These risks vary depending on your job class and environment. Here, we’ll cover 4 types of workplace hazards to keep an eye out for. They often go unaddressed and can pose a serious risk to your health. 1) Safety Hazards Safety hazards are one of the most prevalent workplace dangers. They encompass unsafe conditions that can lead to injury, illness, or death.… Keep Reading

Pharma Interest

Vape Pens and E-Cigs Lawsuits on the Rise

Vaporizer pens, better known as vape pens, are advertised as safer, healthier alternatives to classic cigarettes. Though just saying something is safe, and that thing actually being safe, are two different things, which is why we see a new vape pen lawsuit crop up all the time. Big Tobacco has been the proverbial boogeyman for decades now, thanks to thousands of lawsuits, and class-action suits, filed against cigarette manufacturers due to lung cancer and not giving proper warning. So simply… Keep Reading

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