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Accessible DNA Testing
Pharma Interest

Accessible DNA Testing and Its Impact on the Pharmaceuticals

According to an MIT survey, as of today, over 26 million people have already taken at-home DNA tests. This matters for the pharmacology industry as a whole because of the accessibility and popularity of these tests both contribute to the development of personalized medicine. This trend is transforming healthcare and pharmacology in particular as it opens routes for better treatments. Although this trend is only starting, it might lead to great discoveries and development of efficient cures for the many… Keep Reading

Pharma Interest

How to Minimize Medical Waste?

According to a newly released report publicized by MarketsandMarkets, medical waste management industry cost is likely to boost from $11.3 billion in 2015 to $13.3 billion in 2020. Proper waste management may likely have a significant impact on those figures. Let alone the particular effect it would have on the natural environment. On the other hand, many eco-friendly labs are doing their bits and taking steps in cutting down the maximum plastic waste every year. But this has already determined… Keep Reading

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