Transforming Digital Experiences: Viseven and SpotMe Form Strategic Partnership

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LAUSANNE, Switzerland – Viseven, a leading global MarTech services provider for the Pharma and Life Sciences industries, is thrilled to announce its partnership with SpotMe, an enterprise event platform tailored to high-touch industries.

Viseven and SpotMe Form Strategic Partnership

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in digital communication within the healthcare industry.

Driving Success in Pharma Communication

The partnership between Viseven and SpotMe creates a unique point of view on the HCP engagement and B2B event organization. Earlier, the companies collaborated on several projects dedicated to the implementation of omnichannel infrastructure for Viseven clients. SpotMe provided technological assistance on online meetings with healthcare providers.

I’m incredibly excited about this new partnership with Viseven and the opportunities that it brings for our customers. Viseven’s deep domain expertise in life sciences combined with our enterprise event technology will help redefine the boundaries of events, turning them into crucial touchpoints of omnichannel engagement.

Olivier Aubert, Business Development and Partnerships Director at SpotMe

Viseven and SpotMe aim to reshape digital communication with the ultimate goal of transforming the way companies engage with their audiences. Through this collaboration, Viseven’s robust digital content management solutions will integrate seamlessly with SpotMe’s comprehensive event platform, enabling life sciences and pharmaceutical companies to hold high-quality events.

For us, having a partner who is forward-thinking and aligned with our vision is paramount. SpotMe brings profound expertise, complementing our values and future-driven approach to digital communication. Together, we plan to extend our joint knowledge to clients and introduce a new perspective to the pharma and life science markets.

Nataliya Andreychuk, Co-founder and CEO of Viseven

The capabilities of an all-in-one online event solution enable Viseven to develop diverse engagement scenarios, including interactive eCongress with more than 200 attendees or high-profile speaker series for over 500 invitees. It also provides the opportunity to conduct different types of sessions, create engagement points for interactions, and collect valuable data for analytics to create a deeper omnichannel approach.

Learn more about the transformative power of HCP engagement with an omnichannel event approach on our upcoming webinar on July 13, 4 PM CET time. Olivier Aubert, Business Development & Partnerships Director at SpotMe, and Pavlo Klymenko, Head of Omnichannel at Viseven, will dive into the emerging trends that drive successful HCP engagement and the valuable insights life science companies gain from it.

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About SpotMe

SpotMe is the enterprise event platform that accelerates customer relationships at scale. With 20+ years of unrivaled experience in the event technology industry and a solution that can be used for hybrid, virtual, and in-person events, SpotMe is the first choice for event engagement in high-touch industries. Trusted by 12,000+ event builders and with customers from 10 of the top 20 life science and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, event organizers can leverage SpotMe’s fully branded and compliant event app, gated on-demand content hub, and rich engagement features to deliver a personalized experience to HCPs and gain deep data insights that feed into their CRM. SpotMe offers instant 24/7 instant support and white-glove professional event technology services.

About Viseven

Viseven is a future-inspired global MarTech Services Provider for Pharma and Life Sciences industries with more than a decade of experience. Viseven’s digital transformation center offers innovative solutions for companies of different sizes and digital maturity levels by merging marketing and digital technology expertise with innovation and strategic capabilities. The company’s solutions, products, and services are actively used by the TOP 100 Pharma and Life Sciences companies in more than 50 countries around the globe.

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