I Holland Introduce Versatool Value, an Affordable Storage Solution to Help Keep Tablet Tooling in Optimal Condition

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Maintaining optimal tablet tooling is paramount for achieving effective production outcomes. Inadequate handling and aftercare methods are responsible for 85% of punch and die problems. To address this critical issue, I Holland, leader in the manufacture of tablet tooling for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, has developed Safestore and tool tray racking, an innovative system designed to securely store tooling.

Effective tooling storage is essential for maintaining a well-organised tool room and ensuring the longevity of tablet tooling. I Holland Storage Racking offers a cost-effective solution that prioritises secure storage while utilising trays for maximum convenience.

“The introduction of Storage Racking is a testament to I Holland’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that optimise tablet manufacturing processes,” said Rob Blanchard. “The affordable and efficient system not only offers secure storage capabilities but also promotes proper tooling aftercare, addressing some of the root causes of punch and die problems.

The specially designed cabinets of I Holland Storage Racking are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, providing durability, and contributing to maintaining cleanroom standards. The robust structure is carefully engineered to maximise floor footprint, making efficient use of available space, while ensuring the stability of fully loaded trays and Safestore boxes.

Plastic trays have emerged as a popular and recommended option for storing tools due to their numerous advantages and are included within the system. They offer maximum visibility of tool sets, allowing for quick and efficient identification of the required tools. Furthermore, trays are designed to eliminate unwanted contact and accidental damage, providing an additional layer of protection for the tooling.

Similarly, Safestore boxes prevent damage to tooling during movement and maintenance and are increasingly becoming a popular form of storage and transportation of tooling.

Both racking options feature a space saving tambour door that allows for easy visibility of the stored tools, enabling quick identification and retrieval. Additionally, the door is equipped with a lock for enhanced security, providing peace of mind that the stored tooling is protected.

I Holland Storage Racking plays a vital role in the overall tablet tooling maintenance process and is an ideal choice for tool rooms and manufacturing facilities seeking a reliable and cost-effective storage solution for their valuable tooling. By prioritising secure storage, safe handling, and efficient transportation, the system helps reduce the probability of tool damage. Its meticulous design and high-quality construction ensure that punches and dies are protected against knocks and bruises, preventing weaknesses, cracks, and breakages that can compromise production efficiency.

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