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How to Save Money When Buying Prescriptions

in Pharma Interest
Prescription Drugs

Buying prescription medicines can be a substantial financial burden. With prescription medicine cost on the rise in America, every unplanned prescription cost can hurt your pockets. If you are one of the approximately 48 million Americans without insurance, this can be especially painful. Even with health insurance, it can be a hassle to get the companies to cover specific prescriptions. If you find yourself in this scenario, contact the medical professional immediately that prescribed the medication and have them contact…

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Enabling Pharma 4.0: Telstar at Achema 2018

in Pharmaceutical News

At Achema 2018, Telstar will present innovative process analytical technologies for pharmaceutical freeze drying systems and aseptic manufacturing processes Terrassa (Barcelona) 2018, May 10th. Telstar will be exhibiting at Achema (Frankfurt 2018, 11-15 June) with its latest solutions for the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry and research centres. On the Telstar booth a PAT Corner area  will be set up to display the leading-edge innovative developments in the process analytical technology field for pharmaceutical freeze drying systems and aseptic manufacturing processes.…

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Growth in the Pharmaceuticals Market – A Market Research Report

in Pharmaceutical Articles

The global pharma market was worth $934.8 billion in 2017 and will reach $1170 billion in 2021, growing at 5.8%, a report from The Business Research Company shows. This is an accelerated pace compared to 5.2% for the years before 2017, but is slower than the other two large healthcare segments, medical equipment and healthcare services. Healthcare as a whole is growing at over 7% year on year. The factors that affect pharma market size include disease prevalence, drug affordability,…

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Daily Use of Tadalafil in the Treatment of Patients with Premature Ejaculation

in Pharma Interest
Generic Tadalafil

One of the most common sex-related problems suffered by men is premature ejaculation. Some studies report prevalence between 9% and 30% depending on age group, ethnicity, race, and sexual experience. Premature ejaculation can be classified into two groups: primary or secondary. The etiology is not clear yet, but it can be divided into psychogenic causes (anxiety) and organic causes (erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, penis hypersensitivity, thyroid disorders or genetic factors). The traditional treatment for premature ejaculation includes psychotherapy plus pharmacotherapy. The…

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Bosch Shows New Industry 4.0 Solutions at Achema

in Pharmaceutical News
The Industry 4.0 solutions from Bosch visualize and analyse machine data and ensure a transparent production.

New Industry 4.0 solutions from Bosch for more transparency Pharma MES Starter Edition visualizes production data in real time Higher productivity thanks to monitoring of OEE, status and events Data Services help to identify hidden correlations and optimization potential Stuttgart/Frankfurt, Germany – High productivity and line availability are central priorities for pharmaceutical manufacturers. To provide more transparency and a better overview in production, Bosch showcases its latest Industry 4.0 solutions for visualizing and analyzing machine data at Achema 2018. Several…

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