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Annual Congress on Medicine

Annual Congress on Medicine

World Medicine 2018 is delighted to invite you to attend the “Annual congress on Medicine” which is to be held at Bangkok, Thailand on November … Keep Reading

Pharma Forum 2018

The forum is back by demand due to successful turnouts in the past years in China and Singapore, having on … Keep Reading

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Bioanalytical Method Validation and its Current Updates

in Pharmaceutical Articles
Main validation parameters of bioanalytical methods

Bioanalytics is defined as the analysis of a desired analyte in any biological fluids such as blood, plasma, serum, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid etc. Bioanalytical methods are therefore methods used to analyse an analyte in biological matrices. These methods are employed during the later stages of the drug development process (clinical trials) where the quantitative information about the drug after it has been administered inside a human body, is collected. For long, bioanalytical methods have been playing a crucial role in analysing…

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Prefilled Syringes: Modern Packaging Technology Meets Pharmaceutical Innovation

in Pharmaceutical Articles
Prefilled syringe

Prefilled syringes have been developed as a favored setup for parenteral drug administration as these syringes make it more efficient and easier to handle drugs and escalate dosing accuracy. As biopharmaceuticals are on the rise, the ongoing boom in demand has endorsed the growth of the prefilled syringes market. Simultaneously, other pre-sterilized types of packaging are also on the upswing, producing new challenges for pharmaceutical houses. Machine manufacturers are hastening to offer novel and more flexible solutions capable of bestowing…

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4 Cash-Saving Hacks for the Pharmaceutical Industry

in Pharma Interest
Cash-Saving Hacks for the Pharmaceutical Industry

It can be very easy to turn a blind eye to the fact that your pharmaceutical company might be losing thousands of potential tax savings every year associated with travel-related employee expenses, tooling and clinical trials – savings that are, in fact, rightfully yours. This is because the worlds of both domestic and foreign VAT and tax recovery can be intimidating. There are several laws to understand. These laws can be complex and the process of seeking refunds can be…

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