Navigating Affordable Mental Health Services: A Guide to Accessing Support

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Accessing affordable mental health services can significantly impact overall well-being. Learning how to connect with a therapist and access the kind of mental health care that you can afford can pave the way to a more satisfying and successful life.

Even the WHO launched an initiative surrounding this issue in 2019.

Launched in 2019, the WHO Special Initiative for Mental Health aims to ensure universal health coverage involving access to quality and affordable care for mental health, neurological and substance use conditions for 100 million more people. The Special Initiative for Mental Health focuses on two strategic actions: advancing mental health policies, advocacy and human rights, and scaling up quality interventions and services for individuals with mental health, substance use and neurological conditions.

WHO Newsroom

Not only do people in need of care suffer from a lack of affordable mental health care, but those individual struggles can also impact society in meaningful ways.

The Need for Affordable Mental Health Services

According to the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, over half of Americans are seeking mental health-related help. This statistic is shocking and certainly highlights a need to consider and hopefully resolve an issue affecting such a high percentage of the population. 

It is well established that early intervention of mental health challenges can lead to better outcomes. This is a factor that relates to age as well as the progression of the condition or concerns faced by the individual seeking help.

..if patients and families are not supported, the primary mental health problem can escalate, leading to self-neglect, self-harm, family conflict and wider community issues.

An article in The Guardian about the current mental health crisis in America

When there are barriers to treatment such as the cost of services, people may continue to struggle instead of getting the assistance they need.

Barriers To Mental Health Treatment

Research conducted by the WHO found that low perception of need and attitudinal barriers are the most significant barriers to mental health treatment. Data for this study was collected through surveys.

A study published in The Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry in 2021 also notes that psychological barriers are most significant for people refusing treatment for mental illness. 

This data might lead one to conclude that in addition to more affordable treatment, normalizing and even prioritizing mental wellness within societies may help create a healthier population. 

Utilizing Online Therapy Platforms For Affordable Care

Conventional, in-person therapy may be covered by insurance or available through social programs. Individuals seeking affordable care can contact their insurance company or local services to investigate available options.

Thanks to the internet, online therapy can be an affordable option. Additionally, online therapy can remove additional barriers to treatment. For instance, people living with OCD or anxiety conditions may find it more comfortable to obtain therapy in the comfort of their own homes. 

Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp offer access to trained professional therapists who specialize in helping individuals living with a variety of mental health concerns. 

Accessing Support Networks

If affordable mental health care is simply not an option, there are some other avenues to explore. 

Group therapy, support networks, and peer groups can be additional sources of support and encouragement.

Finding community in person or online forms connections and allows for the sharing of experiences. This can combat the isolation that people sometimes feel when they’re facing health challenges.

Find The Right Option

Access to affordable health care is a known issue facing the world’s population. Bringing awareness to the issue is important to facilitate change.

If you are someone looking for mental health care, explore options through your insurance company and local municipality. Online therapy could also be an option.

Consider social support groups as ways to reach out and remember, you are not alone and deserve access to the care you need.

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