How to Choose the Right Pharmacy for You

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An article by Aloiz Kara 

Aging represents a risk factor for many health problems and diseases, which means that as we grow older, there is a high probability that our health will change negatively.

While some of those health issues could be attributed to a hectic lifestyle, the same way of living could keep you from getting the necessary prescribed medicine.

Even if, at first, choosing a pharmacy may seem like an easy thing to do, there are many factors to take into consideration to have the best experience possible.


Seven factors to take into consideration

From location to additional services and many other things, a pharmacy should check many boxes to become your main source of medicine and healthcare products. Here are some of the most important elements to look out for:


Location is at the top of the priority list because you shouldn’t have to drive across town to get your medicine. 

Apart from the time spent driving or walking back and forth from your home to your pharmacy, there are other things to consider, like the money spent to get there.

Another significant thing to remember is that small emergencies might appear, requiring a band-aid, antiseptic spray, or even over-the-counter painkillers for those instant toothache episodes.

Work hours

What good does it do if your pharmacy of choice is near you but not open when you are free? 

To prevent your hectic life from becoming more agitated, consider the hours in which your pharmacy is open so that it will be available in your free time, whether on weekends or every day in the evening.


Depending on where you live, it’s essential to ensure that your chosen pharmacy accepts your insurance plan. 

It is best to choose the pharmacy that covers a lot of insurance plans because yours might change at some point, too, and this way, you have a high chance of still being able to work with that pharmacy chain.

Make sure they are fully stocked

If you need medicine for chronic conditions, the last thing you want to hear is that your treatment is out of stock.

While big pharmacy chains and smaller ones each have their pros and cons, from my personal experience, you are less likely to encounter this problem in a large pharmacy chain. One big reason is that they have a more frequent resupply schedule to keep up with many customers. 

Additionally, you should check and see the pharmacy’s variety of products because you won’t ever just need your prescription medicine all the time. From headaches, to upset stomachs, cramps, and so on, there are plenty of reasons to visit a pharmacy other than chronic treatments.

Accreditation and credibility

Another significant factor to consider is the pharmacy’s experience and if it has the appropriate accreditation. 

In this case, the longer a pharmacy has been around and the bigger the chain, the better the chances are of having well-trained staff and accreditations from governing organizations.


As a patient and customer, you should always feel comfortable inside a pharmacy, from the cleanliness it displays to the hired people and the atmosphere.

Considering this aspect, you will always feel excellent when filling your prescription because the staff is always friendly and ready to help.

Another way to “analyze” your future pharmacy is by its cleanliness level. A messy pharmacy could indicate how it’s run inside and out. While a friendly staff is always appreciated, a professional and clinical setting is also necessary.

Additional services

One important service that will save you a lot of time is the ability to fill a prescription online and either get it via mail or go and pick it up in person from the pharmacy. 

The benefit of this service is that you won’t have to spend time at the pharmacy counter for the prescription to be filled and paperwork to be done, you can do it from the comfort of your home and then just go and pick it up later.

Ask your “soon-to-be main pharmacy” if it supports this kind of service and how it works, because some pharmacies send the medicine through the mail, while others ask you to pick it up in person from a chosen location. Additionally, some might have an app for this service, while others need you to fill out a form on their website.

Another service to look out for is the ability to order your over-the-counter medication, skin care products, and so on online. Depending on the pharmacy, most likely the online store has more products available, which means a bigger and more diverse catalog. 

The ability to order whatever you want from the online store and then pick it up from the pharmacy near you is a convenient way to obtain the products you and your family require.


Make sure you select a pharmacy that meets most of your needs, including prescription medication always in stock, over-the-counter options available, and reasonable working hours to prevent additional trips to other pharmacies, which could lead to wasted time and more money spent, and probably added stress. The more options you have, the lesser the chances of making additional trips to other places.

About the Author:

Ion Aloiz Kara is a Romanian freelance medical writer with a portfolio consisting of hundreds of articles written for clinics, pharmacies, medical magazines, and other online publications. He also owns, a Romanian website dedicated to news and articles from the medical field.

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