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Vitamin D
Diseases & Health Tips

Vitamin D Deficiency – Signs, Symptoms and What to Do About It

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that helps your body grow and repair new cells. It also supports the immune system while reducing damage from free radicals in the environment. This vitamin is also incredibly important for the health of your bones as said on a website called Authority Reports. What is Vitamin D? This vitamin is most commonly known as the sunshine vitamin. Your body produces this vitamin after being exposed to the sun. It is also fat-soluble so the… Keep Reading

Role of GPS Technology for Elderly Care
Diseases & Health Tips

The Role of GPS Technology for Elderly Care

Looking after loved ones that have lost some of their independence and mobility can be incredibly difficult – and especially if you are also worried about their safety. As a caregiver or a relative, it’s incredibly hard to put a loved one’s problems to the back of your mind and get on with everyday life. But it’s no picnic for the elderly or chronically ill either – as they will often find themselves unable to enjoy the normal things in… Keep Reading

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