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Tips for maintaining healthy eyes
Diseases & Health Tips

4 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Eyes

As important as they may be, we sometimes take our eyes for granted. To show our gratitude, and keep them working properly, we should always remember to treat our eyes well and take good care of them. Luckily, proper eye maintenance isn’t a difficult task to accomplish, so long as you know what to do! Read on and we’ll walk you through some easy and important tips to help keep your eyes healthy. 1. Get Regular Eye Exams Routine eye… Keep Reading

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children
Diseases & Health Tips

Is Methylin the Right Stimulant for Treating ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a serious complication that we should need to talk about. Many parents are neglecting this case because the symptoms seem to be normal especially for children. People who have ADHD are impulsive, can’t pay attention and unable to manage their time and organize things. These symptoms are also happening to most people but for people with ADHD, it is worst that it can already affect their day to day activities at work, school or even… Keep Reading

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