How to be kind to yourself when giving up alcohol

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There are many reasons why you might want to give up alcohol. It may be you just want to get healthy and are perhaps in training for a marathon.

It could be off the back of one occasion when you had one too many and made a bit of a fool of yourself at a work’s do. Then there are more serious matters, such as addiction or that alcohol is disrupting and hurting your life.

Whatever the reason, there is help out there to remove alcohol from your life, whether that be going through rehab treatment (visit for more information on that) or just some top tips for giving up the booze you’ll find all the information to find the right option for you.

And while that option is an important one to take, if you are giving up alcohol, you need to make sure you’re kind to yourself throughout too.

It can be challenging to give up alcohol, so how can you ensure that you make it smooth and that you are kind to yourself throughout the process?

Don’t be critical

Taking the step to remove alcohol from your life is big, so don’t be hard on yourself about what’s gone on.

Think about yourself now and in the future and concentrate on what will be a hugely positive outcome on the other side of this.

Eat well

A healthy balanced diet will help you get through the more difficult stages of removing alcohol from your system. Having all the nutrients you need is mightily important in staying healthy.

Moreover, throwing yourself into the likes of cooking can also replace the thrills you usually get from consuming alcohol.

Try the 3x3x3 technique

It’s essential to keep yourself in the right mindset, and often people use positive thinking techniques to do that.

The 3x3x3 technique is a great way to be kind to yourself and involves three minutes on a couple of subjects at the beginning of the day.

During these three minutes, you should:

  • Think about things you were grateful for yesterday
  • Think about what your goals are for today
  • And then three minutes dancing to the radio

After all, it’s important to finish on a high. However, the technique is proven to improve a person’s mood and set them up for the day.

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