How to Choose the Right Oncologist in Mumbai

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Oncologists are Cancer Specialty Doctors that are trained in the treatment and diagnosing of cancer in patients. Cancer is the leading killer of most patients who are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer was once an unbeatable disease, and most people succumbed to them due to a lack of treatment methodology.

Years of research have gone into coming up with reliable solutions to treat cancer. The earlier the disease is detected, the better the chances of surviving and beating this brutal disease. There are many successful and good Oncologists in the cancer hospital in Navi Mumbai who have had years of experience and profound knowledge in treating cancer patients.

These Oncologists have completed their education at top universities in India and abroad and are well known for their practice in India. Choosing the right Oncologist is half the war won for the patient as a good Oncologist can detect and diagnose the disease as best as possible and start the treatment course as soon as possible.

Cancer – Introduction and Treatment Course

Cancer is a disease that affects the cells of the body. It is a genetic mutation in the cells that causes them to reproduce and recreate at much higher than their normal rate. This causes complications in the body as there are too many cells that create lumps, tumors, and cysts in the body and create abnormal obstruction.

It hinders the transportation of blood and can become large enough to cause pain, inflammation, and organ damage. In most cases, such as lung cancer, mouth cancer, skin cancer, etc., the removal of such tumors is possible.

These kinds of cancers are caused by hazardous chemicals that humans expose themselves to, such as in the case of smoking nicotine-based products or consuming tobacco. Exposure to heavy metals and dangerous chemicals can give rise to cancer of the lungs, skin, and respiratory tract.

Protect yourself from Cancer

Chemotherapy is one of the most reliable ways to treat cancer in patients. If the tumor is large enough to be removed, for example, in the case of mouth cancers, surgery can be done by the Oncologist at any well-equipped reputed cancer hospital in India.

Post this; the patient is put through chemotherapy which destroys the other cancerous cells in the body that have not been removed. Chemotherapy uses chemicals to kill cancerous cells. The dosages are recommended by the Oncology specialist based on the patient’s stage and condition of cancer in the body.

Radiotherapy or radiation therapy is also done in some cases as radio waves are used to kill the cancerous cells or incapacitate them by damaging their DNA. Once the DNA is damaged, the mutation of the cells goes away, and the cell becomes dead and is removed from the body.

Radiation therapy is a recommended treatment for most kinds of cancer and comes in many kinds based on the type of cancer. An Oncologist is the right person to choose the type of radiation therapy that can be provided to the patient. It also requires a well-equipped cancer treatment facility.

Oncologist Selection

Choose an Oncologist who has had many years of experience in treating cancer patients and with the best record history of successfully treating cancer patients. Recommendations from other cancer survivors are also a good method for choosing an Oncologist. There are many good oncologists in Mumbai who are able to provide the best care and treatment for cancer patients.

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