5 Important Facts About Flipper Teeth

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They say “Smile while you still have teeth’; we say “Never let your smile fade, if you lose your teeth, get new ones! 

Gum disease, cavity, physical injury or trauma, and a range of other diseases; there are so many reasons why people lose their teeth. About 1 in 6 adults over the age of 65 have lost all their teeth. Loss of teeth in late adulthood or old age is pretty much expected. However, if you are aged between 35 to 44 years; you might be disheartened and worried about the loss of a tooth. Fret not; research indicates around 69% of adults in this age group have lost at least one permanent tooth. 

Why is loss of tooth taken so seriously? Loss of tooth or teeth not only causes discomfort in chewing and digesting food but also results in difficulty speaking, and distortion of face structure, thereby impacting appearance. Teeth form a very important part of your appearance and their loss can significantly influence how you look. 

Although once you lose a tooth or teeth; is that it? Will you never have a beautiful smile again? Not at all! Flipper teeth are at your rescue!

Made from acrylic dental-grade resin; flipper teeth offer a temporary but effective solution to the loss of teeth. They are partial dentures that fill up gaps while you wait for your tooth implant to take place. 

Flipper teeth are a retainer fitting along the palate of your mouth, with one or more prosthetic teeth attached to it, which makes it durable and removable. 

Usually, an impression of your mouth is taken, which facilitates the customization of flipper teeth to fit your mouth perfectly. 

If you have been thinking about getting a set of flipper teeth; here are 5 important things you must know!

1] The flipper teeth come with several benefits 

The flipper teeth are everything you could ask for. They can easily be removed and slid back into the mouth, fill the gaps in your mouth, enhance your appearance and also reduce the chances of the shift in surrounding teeth by providing stability. Flipper teeth look relatively natural and are significantly affordable when compared to alternative teeth replacement methods. 

2] Flexibility and easy installation

Flipper teeth can be customized by taking an impression of your mouth, can be fabricated prior to your extraction and can be installed afterwards instantaneously. Post fixation, they can also be modified. For instance, if you lose a tooth after the installation of a flipper tooth set; the dental professionals can easily add on a tooth to the same set. For this, you need to get access to quality dental professional services, which can be found on online platforms today. 

3] Flipper teeth are affordable 

Teeth replacement methods like dental implants, bridges, partial dentures and so on are often thought of as being exorbitant. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get replacement teeth. Flipper teeth as mentioned briefly before are very affordable. 

The low price of flipper teeth might compel you to question the effectiveness and quality of the flipper teeth. They are not low-priced because of either of these factors, their low price is attributed to being made of acrylic and typically holding only 1 or 2 teeth. Therefore, if you are looking for a long-term solution for one or two missing teeth; flipper teeth are your best bet. 

4] Eating with flipper teeth is easy

If you have a missing tooth, it doesn’t have to be emphasized how difficult chewing can be. With difficulty in chewing, eating can become less enjoyable and more tedious in no time, impacting your food intake overall. Flipper teeth save you from trouble and let you eat your favorite food in peace! It is, however, recommended that you stick to softer foods and smaller pieces at the initial stages and then work your way to more substantial dishes. It is always a good idea to avoid sticky, hard, chewy food or dark beverages. Remember, flipper teeth are a timely thing; therefore, constraining yourself from harmful food items shouldn’t really be an issue. 

5] Flipper teeth are easy to take care of 

Caring for flipper teeth is as simple as natural teeth. All you need to do is brush your dentures twice a day along with other teeth using lukewarm water and a denture paste.  When you sleep remove your flipper teeth and soak them in water and once a week use a denture cleaning solution. 

6] It’s important to remove the flipper teeth before sleeping

Not only removing the dentures will give you a comfortable sleep but it will also give your gums a break. Frequent sleeping with flipper teeth can result in bone deterioration, gum recession, and gum disease. Remember; giving your gums at least 8 hours to stay without any equipment is necessary for their maintenance. 

Flipper teeth are lightweight and with all the above-mentioned benefits, they also alleviate the embarrassment or low confidence you feel after losing teeth by adding stunning aesthetics to your smile! So, visit your dentist and determine if flipper teeth should be your choice! 

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