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First Loan and Debt

5 Things You Should Keep In Mind When Taking Out Your First Loan

Are you fantasizing about your soon-to-be home? Perhaps you are dreaming about buying a new car to make commuting easier. Even if you’re looking for a solution to help you out between a rock and a tight place, a loan can certainly do the job. But at the same time, if you don’t know what you are doing, loans can be extremely risky. Which is why you want to make sure you know everything that you need to know before… Keep Reading

Are You REALLY Fit for Pharmacy Career?
Career Resources & Training

Check Yourself: Are You REALLY Fit for Pharmacy Career?

Pharmacy studies and what applicants must be ready for in good pharmacy schools. A career in pharmacy is not the most lucrative. It is not a financially satisfying career as it used to be in the past. With a surplus in the number of students, companies are looking for the cheapest pharmacists in the market. Avoid retail pharmacy. It is important that graduates secure jobs in hospitals or the pharmaceutical industry. Retail pharmacy does not give room for improvement and… Keep Reading

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