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Are You REALLY Fit for Pharmacy Career?
Career Resources & Training

Check Yourself: Are You REALLY Fit for Pharmacy Career?

Pharmacy studies and what applicants must be ready for in good pharmacy schools. A career in pharmacy is not the most lucrative. It is not a financially satisfying career as it used to be in the past. With a surplus in the number of students, companies are looking for the cheapest pharmacists in the market. Avoid retail pharmacy. It is important that graduates secure jobs in hospitals or the pharmaceutical industry. Retail pharmacy does not give room for improvement and… Keep Reading

The beauty of a profession called “Medical Representative”

The job of a Medical Representative requires going out and meet highly qualified and informed customers like Physicians, and also not that much qualified trade customers like Stockists, Retailers, etc. In other words, the job of a Medical Representative prepares us to be outgoing and enjoy meeting and convincing different types of customers. It requires hard work, i.e. from morning to night. Typically if a Medical Representative starts his job by 9 am in the morning, he may complete his… Keep Reading

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