Check Yourself: Are You REALLY Fit for Pharmacy Career?

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Pharmacy studies and what applicants must be ready for in good pharmacy schools.

A career in pharmacy is not the most lucrative. It is not a financially satisfying career as it used to be in the past. With a surplus in the number of students, companies are looking for the cheapest pharmacists in the market.

Avoid retail pharmacy. It is important that graduates secure jobs in hospitals or the pharmaceutical industry. Retail pharmacy does not give room for improvement and one cannot go up in the levels.

A supplement course. A candidate can choose a profession in medicine or dentistry. It is not a financially rewarding path and therefore pursuing a second degree will boost one’s career level.

Employ new technology. Innovations are numerous and go past pharmacy computers and pill counters. For a successful career, a pharmacist should keep updates on the newest techniques in the industry that would make their work easier.

[wp_ad_camp_4]Applicants should be ready to meet certain expectations in pharmacy schools. These requirements may include particular subject entrance requirements, interviews, spoken English requirement, and rigorous selection process. In the recent years, the number of students in the field has increased drastically. More and more universities offer a degree in Pharmacy now as compared to the years ago. The number of females has had a significant rise as compared to that of male students. This surplus in the number of pharmacists has caused such an influx in the employment industry and has in reverse depreciated their market value. The industry is no longer as financially rewarding as it used to be.

Choosing a career in pharmacy is a rigorous process, and one needs a number of characteristics to be able to cope within the industry. If one decides to pursue an academic career, it will be necessary to determine what programs are the best fit for the individual as well as what the individual has to offer to the course.

Attention to detail. There is no room for error in pharmacy. One must pay attention detail in counting medicine and labeling of bottles. A mix up of some sort may lead to catastrophic results. Pharmacists are required to enter patient information and prescription data accurately on computer software. Detail records ensure an easy transition for pharmacists and also make recommendations to doctors when it comes to different pills and their usage.

Patience. Pharmacists are from the get go given multitasks. They handle insurance companies, doctors, patients’ prescriptions and fill and consult with clients. On top of all these challenges, they may be required to deal with upset customers. A pharmacist compulsory to have a high tolerance for stress and patience with clients.

Strong communication skills. In dealing with clients, pharmacists have to listen, answer questions about prescriptions and clearly communicate proper use and side effects of medication. With doctors, they are required to pay attention to order information, with Pharmacy techs they need to direct them on tasks and to guide them in proper job performance.

Math skill. Counting pills, measuring liquid amounts is integral. This helps in prescription and when clients inquire about dispensing information on labels and require further explanation on liquid measures for syringes.

These character traits are imperative and should be kept in check before choosing a career in pharmacy.

It’s crucial to write a good personal statement for a pharmacy school, and one is required to keep in mind several factors. To get into the best pharmacy schools, you must have an exceptional personal statement. Schools such as;

  • University of Carolina- Chapel Hill
  • University of Minnesota-Minneapolis
  • University of California-San Francisco
  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • University of Texas-Austin
  • University of Illinois- Chicago
  • Ohio State University-Columbus
  • University of Kentucky- Lexington
  • Purdue University- West Lafayette
  • University of Florida- Gainesville

These are ranked top ten best pharmacy schools. This means that the slots are not only few but also reserved for those with an exceptional personal statement for pharmacy school.

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