Rainin Service Team Delivers High Quality with Rapid Turnaround Times

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Rainin’s pipette maintenance and calibration service is helping EKF Life Sciences in Elkhart, Indiana, USA, to maintain the high quality standards its customers have come to expect. Quality Assurance Manager Adam Crocker explained: “We use a variety of air and positive displacement pipettes for our quality control processes, and accurate and precise pipetting is essential to ensure that our enzymes and in vitro diagnostic reagents are of a high standard. To work properly, pipettes must be correctly maintained and calibrated, and so we turned to Rainin.”

We chose Rainin because it is a well-known company with a good reputation, and we have over 20 years’ experience of using its pipettes.

“The company services and calibrates our pipettes on an annual basis, and we schedule additional checks in house. If a problem is detected, we simply send the pipette to Rainin and it is usually repaired and returned within the week. The company always does a thorough job – even when the problem is not specified – and provides us with a calibration certificate, helping us to meet regulatory requirements. When you look for a service provider, you often find that some companies deliver quality and other companies offer fast turnaround times. Rainin provides both.”

For more information, please contact:

Mettler Toledo Rainin, LLC
7500 Edgewater Drive, Box 2160
Oakland, CA 94621
T +1 800 472-4646

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