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Sales Forecasting in Pharmaceutical Industry – Challenges & Opportunities

Sales Forecasting in Pharmaceutical Industry – Challenges & Opportunities

Author: Arupendra Das is a Lead Consultant at Integrated Capability Aider (ICA) & Krishnamurthy, CEO, VSM. Niels Bohr, the celebrated physicist & Nobel laureate said in one of his amusing remarks:  “It is very hard to predict, especially future.” In light of this comment, Sales forecasting (SF) – monthly/annual becomes a complex exercise where sales folks starting from a Medical Representative (MR) to a Sales Manager juggles with historical facts and figures to provide a credible future result (revenue). The sales… Keep Reading

Epidiolex by GW Pharma

Editorial: FDA Approval of a New Cannabis-based Drug ‘Epidiolex’ Shocks the Pharmaceutical Market

Epidiolex, the catchy name of a new drug to treat complex seizures, has generated a wave of controversy around the medical world. Federal advisers recommended the approval of the first prescription drug in which the main component is cannabidiol (CBD), a natural cannabis’ derivative with low addictive power. This drug would be approved just for the treatment of seizures caused by the Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes, Complex Tuberous Sclerosis and Infant Spasms. Epidiolex represents a new hope for people living… Keep Reading

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