Top 10 Career Options for Pharmacy Graduates

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There are widespread misunderstandings about pharmacists’ job that make many prospective students give up on their dreams. But we are here to bring some light about what pharmacists do and don’t do. If you ask 10 different people “What do pharmacists do?”, they will all reply “They sell medications in drug stores”. But if you ask us, we have a far cry from that answer.


Believe it or not, pharmacists are among the people who make the world go round. Although pharmacists indeed sell drugs, this is not the only thing they are capable of doing after graduation. Before selling a particular medicine, someone has to create and test it. Otherwise, a single pill would never appear in a pharmacy. 

Many other industries also need pharmacy experts. For example, have you ever thought about who creates the cosmetics you use every day? Or who consults the doctors on new medications? You guessed right, pharmacists do this. 

If you came here because you were wondering whether to study pharmacy or medicine, we would help you decide. For sure, you chose the health-related field to help other people. But you should also think about yourself and your career development. 

What Does it Really Mean to be a Pharmacist? 

 In general, it means helping others. But we will help you learn more about it. 

The best well-known meaning of a pharmacist’s job is to consult ill people on their best possible treatment. But before consulting on treatments, someone has to create the needed medications. And of course, this is also a pharmacist’s job. Pharmaceutical companies worldwide would have nothing to offer if it wasn’t for their pharmacy teams. The exact amount of compounds, the creation process, and testing the results need an expert. 

After we have a new pill, the doctors must be aware of all of its positive effects and the potential side effects it may cause. A book can be explained best only by the one who wrote it. The same goes for the medications. The pharmacists consult the doctors on how to prescribe and to whom they can prescribe each drug. 

Why Should I Become a Pharmacist?

Because the world needs you! Studying pharmacy means to be devoted to the world. Among the great feeling of being important, there are many other advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. Having well-paid career options
  2. Being respected wherever you go
  3. Being able to do what you love wherever you prefer
  4. Being among the most important people on the planet
  5. Taking part in innovations

What Can I Do After Graduating From a Pharmacy School? 

  1. If you want to help people but don’t prefer working directly with them, you can apply for a job in a distribution centre. Your primary responsibilities there would be to help other companies and health institutions receive the medications they need. Also, you will provide information and organise the stock.
  2. If you love interacting with people every day, you may go for a job in a retail pharmacy. Whether it’s a typical career among the graduates, it is still a well-paid job where you can learn something new each day.
  3. Every girl’s weakness is good make-up that causes no damage to her skin. If you recognise yourself here, you may consider a job at a cosmetic company. There, you will take part in the creation of new and healthy cosmetic products with a large team of people sharing your interests.
  4.  People who prefer to specialise in a specific area may find their place in an ambulatory care pharmacy. Here, you will need knowledge of particular types of illness. Your primary job will be to work with the patients and teams to organise the best health plans. 
  5. People concerned about patients’ safety can go for a Pharmacy Informatics. Your primary responsibility is to make sure of the providers’ proper dosage.
  6. If doing experiments and being part of innovations sounds exciting to you, the right choice is to become a research scientist. Your main responsibilities include working on new medications for all kinds of illnesses.
  7. If you are interested in radiopharmaceuticals, you may consider working as a nuclear pharmacist. This involves managing a laboratory and testing equipment. 
  8. If you love to be in charge and have many responsibilities, maybe stepping into a leadership role, like a pharmaceutical executive is perfect for you. There are many chief pharmacist positions to consider, all of which are integral roles when it comes to guiding a company to success in today’s market. 
  9. Another opportunity for interacting with people is being a staff pharmacist. You will administer immunisations and counselling patients, as well as delivering reports and quality assurance reviews. 
  10. Pharmacists can also think about growing their own business by opening a drug store. You will have to work hard and take care of everything while gathering the perfect team.

How to Make a Decision What To Do?

Think about your interests, what you love to do, and what will motivate you to work hard every day. Compare your interests with the different branches and find out what suits you best. 

For sure, each field includes helping people, but where is the difference between each job?  Some roles require active interactions with ill people, doctors, or companies. Other opportunities allow you to work in large teams of experts. Other differences are some places need to use more technologies than others. There are many combinations of interest you can find out. 

Working as an academic allows you to meet new people every day. You will become a guide for the future generation of medical practitioners. Teaching them is only a tiny part of what you will mean to them. Sharing your career path and obstacles you met may help them avoid struggling with choices.

But if you truly desire challenges and adventures, we are sure you are a future researcher. Experimenting and developing would become a massive part of your daily routine. It may sound like a dull routine, but it’s quite the opposite. Every day would be a new chance for you and your team to be in the news.

The comfort of your home is your favourite? Then many online pharmacies would have you in their teams. As everything in the world goes more and more digital. The pharmacies also go in the same direction. Being an online consultant is among the well-paid jobs for pharmacists. 

If you still have hesitations about what’s best for you, you can always seek the help of doctors and professional medical student advisors like Medlink Students. Sharing your thoughts and concerns with people who have been there before is a great way to find your place in the pharmacy world. 

How Pharmacists Make the World a Better Place?

In many aspects. No matter in which field they are involved, they are taking care to deliver the best products for the customers.

They constantly work on improvements of existing medications and developing new ones. They take care to educate people and doctors on the right treatments and dosage of drugs. 

In conclusion, if it weren’t for the pharmacists, there would be no health institutions working correctly. 

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