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8 Challenges of Pharmaceutical Companies in Expanding Overseas

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The primary role of pharmaceutical companies in the medical field comprises of developing, researching, improving, manufacturing, and distributing medicines. Starting from attending to sick people, pharmaceutical field also is one of the most profitable industries in the world of business. They dominated the production of vitamins, allergens, injectable medicines, beauty enhancer medicines, and the like. They have such a wide market, from infants to the elderly. However, reaching to a worldwide market comes with it a lot of hindrances. In…

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The beauty of a profession called “Medical Representative”

in Career Resources & Training

The job of a Medical Representative requires going out and meet highly qualified and informed customers like Physicians, and also not that much qualified trade customers like Stockists, Retailers, etc. In other words, the job of a Medical Representative prepares us to be outgoing and enjoy meeting and convincing different types of customers. It requires hard work, i.e. from morning to night. Typically if a Medical Representative starts his job by 9 am in the morning, he may complete his…

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