Trailblazing Healthcare Sales Agent, Sarin, is Awarded iDE’s “40 Under 40” for Her Impact in Rural Bangladesh

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Sarin Akter, a dynamic healthcare sales agent from Moulavibazar, Bangladesh, has been recently honored with iDE’s esteemed “40 Under 40” award. This recognition is a testament to her transformative influence in facilitating access to vital health products in rural Bangladesh.

Navigating the complex terrain of rural healthcare sales, Sarin overcame challenges posed by entrenched misconceptions among locals, such as beliefs that modern medicine could lead to infertility in women. Her skills were honed through training from iDE, which equipped her with effective sales strategies and the ability to counsel on a range of health issues.

Today, Sarin offers essential services, including blood pressure tests, diabetes screening, and health advice for pregnant mothers, adolescents, and children. Her success is reflected not only in the growing demand for her services, which challenge traditional societal norms but also in her tripling income.

Beyond her role as a health consultant, Sarin has become a crucial distributor of much-needed health and hygiene products in this rural community, including sanitary napkins, birth control pills, and condoms. She empowers her customers, providing them with not only health-related commodities but also granting them a degree of autonomy and dignity often overlooked in the healthcare sector.

Sarin’s pioneering work is particularly noteworthy considering the 14% poverty rate in Bangladesh and the grim reality of women and adolescents resorting to unsanitary alternatives due to lack of access to affordable menstrual health products.

Looking to the future, Sarin plans to augment her reach and influence. Her ambitions include business expansion and the introduction of a home-based pre-ordered product delivery service, further extending her accessibility.

Her story serves as an example of how individuals can drive change within the health sector. Sarin’s recognition in iDE’s “40 Under 40” signifies her dedication and the profound impact she’s made in her community. As she continues to push the envelope, she sets the standard for future healthcare agents in Bangladesh and beyond.

iDE is a global nonprofit powering entrepreneur to end poverty in 10 countries. In their four-decade presence in Bangladesh, they have enabled more than 4 million low-income Bangladeshi households to enhance their income and uplift the well-being of their families and communities.

Learn more about iDE’s 40 Under 40 program here:

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