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Pharma Forum 2018

The forum is back by demand due to successful turnouts in the past years in China and Singapore, having on … Keep Reading

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How Medical Research Can Tackle the Deadly Legacy of Asbestos

in Pharma Interest
How Medical Research Can Tackle the Deadly Legacy of Asbestos

Post world war two, the UK had the difficult task ahead of rebuilding cities decimated during the blitz. Asbestos was well known for its insulating and fire retardant properties, so during the massive re-development, asbestos saw extensive use. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to users at the time, asbestos is uniquely carcinogenic. Decades later, people who had previously worked with Asbestos contracted a range of asbestos-related diseases, including pleural thickening, asbestosis and Mesothelioma. Of all the cancers, Mesothelioma is one of the most…

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CPhI Worldwide opens entries for 15th Annual Pharma Awards

in Pharmaceutical News
CPhI Worldwide opens entries for 15th Annual Pharma Awards

CPhI Worldwide – organised by UBM (part of Informa PLC) – announces the opening of the 2018 CPhI Pharma Awards for entries. The industry’s preeminent awards return for a landmark 15th edition, with 17 categories honouring companies and individuals driving the pharma industry forward through innovations, technologies, and strategies. Full list of categories: Excellence in Pharma: API Development Excellence in Pharma: Formulation Excellence in Pharma: Excipients Excellence in Pharma: Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Excellence in Pharma: Bioprocessing and Manufacturing Excellence…

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Vitamin D Deficiency – Signs, Symptoms and What to Do About It

in Diseases & Health Tips
Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that helps your body grow and repair new cells. It also supports the immune system while reducing damage from free radicals in the environment. This vitamin is also incredibly important for the health of your bones as said on a website called Authority Reports. What is Vitamin D? This vitamin is most commonly known as the sunshine vitamin. Your body produces this vitamin after being exposed to the sun. It is also fat-soluble so the…

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