Sanofi Bangladesh Limited

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Sanofi is the largest global pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh with a dedicated team of more than 1200 employees.

Sanofi Bangladesh Limited is the entity that has been formed due to the amalgamation of three legal entities- Aventis Limited, Fisons (Bangladesh) Limited and Hoechst Marion Roussel Limited. The legal integration process has taken few years after the global merger between sanofi-synthalebo and Aventis in 15 September 2004 and finally the existing three legal entities have amalgamated as sanofi-aventis Bangladesh Limited on December 11, 2007. The local distribution of sanofi-aventis products are ensured by 12 sales and distribution offices nationwide.


Sanofi Bangladesh Limited has a diverse portfolio of products ranging from widespread names like Fimoxyl®, Sefrad®, Clexane®, Amaryl®, Profenid® etc to traditional names like Flagyl®, Stemetil®, Oracyn-k®, Frisium® etc to revolutionary original research product like Eloxatin®, Taxotere® and Lantus®.

Locally, Sanofi encompasses Sanofi Pasteur, a world leader in vaccines. In Bangladesh, vaccines like TetavaxTM, VerorabTM, Euvax BTM, AvaximTM, ACT-HIBTM, Typhim ViTM etc are included in the portfolio.

Sanofi Bangladesh Limited is strongly committed in improving the quality of lives of people.

Products List of Sanofi-aventis Bangladesh Limited: Browse online from here or Download PDF from here.

Career/ Job opportunity in Sanofi-aventis Limited: Visit Pharma Mirror LiveJobBox for circulars, or Sanofi’s website

Contact to Sanofi aventis Bangladesh Limited:

Corporate/ Head office Office

6/2/A Segun Bagicha
Dhaka 1000

Tel. : +880 2 956 2893
Fax : +880 2 955 0009

Factory/ Plant Location

Station Road
Tongi – 1710
Gazipur, Bangladesh.


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