5 Important Things You Need to Know About Male Enhancement Surgery

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Male enhancement surgery designed to increase penis size is getting more popular despite the fact that only about 5% of men have smaller than average penis size. Even fewer of them have a genuine cause for this surgery.

However, the fact that the number of these procedures is growing speaks for itself. And if you are considering it, there are some important things you need to know.

1.     Complications aren’t common, but they are extremely dangerous

In many ways, surgery is the final “all or nothing” type of a solution. And in the case of penis enlargement surgery that’s exactly what might be at stake. Like any invasive treatment, this procedure carries some very severe risks.

It’s true that complications aren’t very common. However, they do happen and they are always dangerous. Penile deformities, loss of sensation, and fat buildup are only a few of the possible issues you might develop as a complication after this surgery. There is also a considerably higher risk of erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, you also shouldn’t forget the wider surgery complications, such as inflammation and pneumonia, as well as nausea caused by anesthesia. If the inflammation or some other physiological complications get too severe, the penis might need to be removed altogether.

2.     Size changes aren’t that big

Regardless of the type of penis enlargement surgery you choose, the maximum “effect” you can hope to get is between 1 and 2 inches. Frankly, it’s about the same as what you can achieve through specialized exercises and using the latest penis-enlargement devices.

It’s true that the latter method will require a lot more time and might cause some discomfort along the way. However, considering the much lower risk of complications, this delay might be well worth it. The matters of invasive medical procedures aren’t something you should rush. Especially if they might lead to permanent damage.

3.     You might not need it

Medical professionals only advise having this procedure if the patient’s penis size is 2.8 inches or less. In this case, it’s a legitimate health condition called micropenis, which affects only about 0.6% of men on the planet.

Wanting to have a larger penis is common and “normal” for men, even despite the fact that the majority of them have no physiological need for this. In some cases, this desire gets so out of control that it becomes a type of dysmorphia, called Penile Dysmorphophobia Disorder. If that is the case, medical intervention is a necessity, but it’s therapists that will end up ding most of the treatment.

Less severe cases of PDD are considered penile anxiety and they are usually rooted in self-confidence issues. Therefore, addressing those, paired with non-invasive and safer penis enlargement procedures, might have a much more beneficial effect on the patient overall.

4.     Suspensory ligament release makes sex a challenge

One of the more popular types of penis enlargement surgery is called suspensory ligament release. In essence, the surgeon will cut the ligament, which is supposed to support your penis during an erection. This will make it appear longer without changing its factual size.

However, that ligament is there for a reason. While it’s still possible to get an erection after the procedure (unless you develop severe complications, of course), penetration will become your new challenge. Without the support, the physics of sex will change for you and both yourself and your partner might be dissatisfied with the results.

5.     Medical; professionals advise against it

Simple as that, experts from the American Urological Association consider penis augmentation surgeries to be dangerous and ineffective. They’ve been reaffirming this statement since 1994.

Therefore, invasive procedures are definitely more risk than they are worth. If you truly feel the need to increase your penis size, you should try safer options.

Editorial Disclaimer: This article does not reflect pharma mirror’s editorial views and we don’t attest the information provided here. Please be vigilant and consult with your doctor before approaching to any of the method described here. Moreover, be happy with that you have unless it is an emergency.

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