Perigord releases most powerful GLAMS yet – GLAMS 5.0

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Perigord announces the release of GLAMS 5.0, the latest update to its industry-leading AMS platform. Developed to the specific needs of the Life Science industry, this latest release boasts an expanded suite of both new and improved features, as well as greatly improved performance.

GLAMS 5’s new deep search capabilities break down potential impediments to getting products to market, and allows users to create deep and wide-ranging searches of all their artwork data, including querying active text on any uploaded PDFs, making it possible to gather a huge amount of rich, context-filled information quickly, easily, and efficiently

Suzanne Ivory, Perigord Data’s Chief Operations Officer

With its history of innovation and close cooperation with some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, Perigord’s development team has added several new features to GLAMS to greatly increase the usability and productivity of the platform for its users. These include:

  1. Advanced search capabilities
  2. Enhanced built-in proofing and reporting tools
  3. Configurable document stamping
  4. Extensive integration enhancements
  5. Multilingual versions
  6. Performance improvements

“Listening to our customers and leveraging our own experience, we have spent several months refining the GLAMS platform,” explained Paul Leamy, Group CTO and Head of Product Innovation at Perigord Data.

“We have added new functionality and increased the processing speed across our product suite. Not only do the new features offer our clients a more holistic experience when managing their artwork, GLAMS 5.0 will greatly improve the speed, usability, scalability, and efficiency of the artwork and labelling process across all phases of the packaging and labelling supply chain for our clients.”

GLAMS is the only artwork management system built specifically for the exacting requirements of the Life Science industry and the release of GLAMS 5 is a further step toward cementing Perigord’s reputation as the go-to AMS solution provider in the sector.

“It is Perigord’s extensive expertise and experience that enables us to develop solutions that streamline the approval process and other aspects of artwork and labelling workflows, essentially removing the bottlenecks that delay the packaging development process,” commented Perigord Data’s Director of Client Services, Sam Cole.

Introducing GLAMS 5’s new features:

  1. Advanced search capabilities – Leveraging the power of OCR technology, the scope of GLAMS 5’s capabilities have increased massively, allowing users to search the text of supporting or approval documents. Searches have also been made faster and more intuitive, enhancing clients’ capacity to access artwork tasks quicker, create complex, ad hoc queries conveniently, and deliver even greater efficiency to the process.
  2. Enhancements to integrated proofing and reporting tools – Clients can seamlessly integrate with the newest versions of InformaIT, GlobalVision, TVT and other leading comparison tools on the market as well as enjoying improvements to the GLAMS 3D visualisation functionality. These enhancements also provide customers with the added ability to autosave reports from third-party applications directly into GLAMS jobs.
  3. Configurable document stamping – This extension to the existing GLAMS stamping functionality allows multiple approver stamps to be shown in a table on a separate page inserted into an approved artwork PDF. This improvement also allows for the inclusion of pagination on stamping activities, making quality assurance processes more configurable, more efficient, and providing greater traceability in offline, printed artwork and graphic files. Approver stamps are clearer and more easily located and viewed.
  4. Extensive integration upgrades – Updates to the GLAMS API layer deliver improved connectivity to external systems and make GLAMS the most integration-ready AMS on the market. This will enable users to send and receive data from a variety of sources including ERP systems like SAP or Oracle, as well as Regulatory Information, Documents Management, Change Control, and PLM systems, unleashing a huge range of digital capabilities.
  5. Multilingual versions – The GLAMS user interface can now be tailored to clients’ language preferences. Pre-configured, multi-lingual options now include Japanese and Mandarin, with the facility to add additional language packs as required.
  6. Performance improvements – Perigord’s continued focus on under-the-hood investment has led to a raft of improvements that speed up the loading of data in grids and drop-down values, allowing for faster job scheduling, quicker search replies and more efficient data export. These performance improvements deliver quicker response times, enhancing the user experience.

“With the new functionality and system improvements included in GLAMS 5.0, I am confident that GLAMS is the best Life Science artwork management system on the market,” said Perigord Data’s COO, Suzanne Ivory.

“The improvements incorporated into GLAMS 5.0 represent not only the cutting edge of AMS technology, but also its continuing evolution toward fulfilling our overall vision of providing a holistic, end-to-end content management solution that provides for all labelling requirements on a regulatory, marketing or packaging level.”

“Working with our product development team, I look forward not only to expanding and improving on the existing performance of the system, but also to introducing new and innovative functionality that will allow our clients take advantage of the technological revolution taking place in content management,” Mrs Ivory concluded.


For Life Science organisations, managing artwork packaging and marcom workflows is complex, time consuming and prone to error. With labelling and artwork playing such a critical role in the regulatory mandated communication of medicinal formulation, usage instruction, safety and efficacy data and patient information, mistakes can happen! Involving thousands of people across multiple locations, keeping track of all artwork and labelling tasks, approvals and project timelines is a very challenging and costly exercise. Mistakes cause severe delays in product market launches, full product recalls and, in the worst cases, adverse patient reactions.

To mitigate these risks, it is imperative that Life Science organisations have a fully validated and auditable artwork management system in place – a system that simplifies the packaging artwork labelling and regulatory processes and improves productivity.

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