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Dermatology Conference 2018

“International Conference on Clinical & Experimental Dermatology” going to be held during December 05-06,2018 at Dubai,UAE. The conference is organized … Keep Reading

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A Story of Innovation: Delivering on the Promise of the Paperless Lab

in Pharmaceutical Articles
paperless lab thermof ishier scientific

Organizations have made significant investments in enterprise and laboratory tools, technologies and solutions to help improve productivity, better manage data/information and optimize their business processes.  However, the reality is that most companies have not reaped the return on investment (ROI) or efficiency gains that they planned. This article demonstrates how the Paperless Lab can improve efficiency, compliance and quality by integrating data silos and automating laboratory operations. What is a Paperless Lab?   A Paperless Lab integrates the laboratory with…

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Practicing Hospital Pharmacy: Patient Education

in Pharmaceutical Articles

Education is the best way to improve compliance. Pharmacist should have larger roles in patient education and in advising patients when they fill their prescriptions. In discussing an illness or drug therapy with a patient a distinction should be made between information and education. Patients may receive information but not understands it and use it correctly, where as education implies understanding and behavioral change. Patients should be encouraged to participate in the discussion and where possible they should be brought…

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Press Release: Kemira to offer GE boiling and cooler water chemistry for the global paper industry.

in Pharmaceutical News
pharmaceutical & biotech press release

Kemira and General Electric (GE) are excited to announce that, effective immediately, Kemira’s Paper Segment will furnish GE Water & Process Technologies’ boiler and cooling water

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