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Technologies That Are Transforming Pharmaceutical Logistics: Here’s How

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Transforming Pharmaceutical Logistics

It’s possible that the regulations will suppress technology uptake in some of the activities, but we are here to tell you three ways in which regs are accelerating technology transformation.  The medical and the pharmaceutical devices manufacturers have to deal with different challenges, and the biggest one is compliance. Ever since the year 2013, the European Commission’s introduction of Good Distribution Practice rules, companies have focused on prioritizing compliance in order to meet the health care standards. This means that…

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Security codes a requirement for prescription drugs from 2019

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1.9 billion potential inspectors worldwide: manufacturers and consumers can verify authenticity of drugs with a smartphone app anytime, anywhere Innovative recognition app for smartphones ensures detection of counterfeit products throughout the distribution chain. Approximately 2,000 people die every day from consuming counterfeit medicines. In 2019, an EU directive enters into the force that requires safety labeling for prescription drugs to reduce the risk to consumers. In order to effectively prevent piracy, counterfeit products must not only be clearly identified, but…

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