5 Social Security Benefits Facts You Might Not Know

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While most only really know the basics of Social Security, this administration is an insurance program that provides families and individuals with the necessary information and tools to obtain financial stability.

However, claiming Social Security disability benefits can be time-consuming. Moreover, claims are sometimes rejected due to minor errors. For this reason, it’s wise to consult an attorney that specializes in this particular area of the law. With an expert attorney, you can uncover all the details about claiming benefits outside of the US and ensure your claim will be approved.

Furthermore, we’ve listed some of the lesser-known Social Security facts to help you better understand how the insurance program works.

Children Can Collect Benefits

While most assume that only those over 18 years can claim from this administration, children are also entitled to benefits if they meet the criteria. Social Security benefits can be collected by unmarried children whose parents are disabled, retired, or deceased.

Parents Can Collect Benefits

When a worker dies, benefits can be paid to a spouse and children. But with this, many aren’t aware that parents can collect benefits for deceased or disabled or deceased children.

Widow And Widower Benefits Can Continue After Late Marriage

In instances where a spouse has died, the surviving spouse can claim benefits. However, if the surviving spouse remarries before the age of 60, benefits will be canceled. On the other hand, you can continue collecting benefits if remarriage occurs after age 60.

It’s Best To Rely On A Lawyer

It’s a fairly common misconception that legal representation is an unnecessary and unaffordable cost. As mentioned above, hiring a lawyer will speed up the claim process, and you can be confident that your claim won’t be unfairly rejected. With an experienced lawyer, you’ll receive fair benefits, and you won’t experience frustration attempting to navigate the claim process on your own.

You Need Enough Credits To Claim

It’s essential to understand how these benefits work before applying. Unlike other insurance programs, Social Security requires applicants to obtain a certain number of credits.

In retirement, you will need at least forty credits to be eligible for benefits. It will take ten years to acquire this many credits. That said, when it comes to disability claims, the qualifying criteria will be structured around medical reports and proof of your disability.

Nevertheless, there are several different reasons a claim can be rejected. These reasons include not having enough credits, earning a higher income, lacking documents, and even technical errors. Because there are several reasons for claim rejections, it’s best to find an experienced lawyer in your area to determine if you meet the criteria and assist with the process of claiming.

However, it’s vital to hire the right kind of lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are relevant for car accidents, medical malpractice, and other instances in which another’s negligence caused your injury. When it comes to social security claims, a social security and disability lawyer is ideal.

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