World Pharmacists Day 2021 Celebration

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25th September is celebrated as world pharmacists day, and it brings a new theme every year. The main motive behind this celebration is to give an excellent message to improve people’s health worldwide. And also, create an acceptance and encourage the role of a pharmacist in health. The pharmacist community from all over the world arranges different campaigns, exhibitions, lectures, etc., for serving this purpose. The idea of celebrating world pharmacists day was generated by International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in 2009, in a conference staged in Istanbul, Turkey. On 25th September 1912, International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) was established; that’s why the council chose 25th September as Pharmacists day.

World Pharmacists Day 2021 Poster

FIP is an international federation of national organizations consists of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. It has 144 scholar members, which represents many drug specialists, drug researchers, and pharmaceutical instructors. FIP believes errors in medicine are a major contributing factor in damaging health. So it starts different projects and training to improve drug utilization and pharmacy practice.

The theme of the world pharmacists day 2021 is “Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health.”

There is a strong relationship between trust in healthcare professionals and the health outcomes of patients. The greater satisfaction with treatment proved more beneficial health behaviors with fewer symptoms and improves life quality. Pharmacists and pharmaceutical science are trying to keep the trust of people. For example, during covid-19, health science supports pharmacists’ belief in overcoming medicine shortages, administering vaccines, or expanding other services. Moreover, general people trust pharmacist’s advice and follow their guidelines. Pharmacists and pharmaceutical science carry three elements of trust: positive relationship, competency/expertise, and consistency. The pharmacists give time and listen to their patients’ problems with genuine interest, which helps to build a positive relationship with patients. Al pharmacists complete four or five years of pharmacy degree or doctorate of pharmacy. After being registered, they undertake lifelong learning and further training to specialize in this field, proving their qualification. Pharmacists are constantly involved in improving their skills and also improving medicines to ensure better health.

During the pandemic, the world is going through a rough and challenging situation. The dependency on medical science is continuously increasing. Pharmacists are trying to recover the shortage of medicines, and researches are going on to produce vaccines. Keeping trust in medicine experts can ensure a better outcome in this situation.

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