Basic and Clinical Pharmacology – 13th Edition

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The thirteenth edition of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology continues the important changes inaugurated in the eleventh edition, with extensive use of full-color illustrations and expanded coverage of transporters, pharmacogenomics, and new drugs. Case studies accompany most chapters and answers to questions posed in the case studies appear at the end of each chapter. As in prior editions, the book is designed to provide a comprehensive, authoritative, and readable pharmacology textbook for students in the health sciences. Frequent revision is necessary to keep pace with the rapid changes in pharmacology and therapeutics; the 2–3 year revision cycle of the printed text is among the shortest in the field and the availability of an online version provides even greater currency. The book also offers special features that make it a useful reference for house officers and practicing clinicians.

Significant revisions in 13th edition include:

  • Addition of a chapter on pharmacogenomics, an area of increasing importance in all aspects of pharmacology. The drug development and regulation material previously covered in Chapter 5 has been incorporated into Chapter 1.
  • A generic name–trade name table appears at the conclusion of most chapters, providing a rapid reference for these names.
  • Many revised illustrations in full color provide significantly more information about drug mechanisms and effects and help to clarify important concepts.
  • Major revisions of the chapters on sympathomimetic, diuretic, antipsychotic, antidepressant, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral drugs, prostaglandins, nitric oxide, hypothalamic and pituitary hormones, central nervous system neurotransmitters, immunopharmacology, and toxicology.
  • Continued expansion of the coverage of general concepts relating to newly discovered receptors, receptor mechanisms, and drug transporters.
  • Descriptions of important new drugs released through August 2014.


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