Aulton’s Pharmaceutics: the Design and Manufacture of Medicines

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This is the fourth edition of Pharmaceutics: The Design and Manufafcture of Medicines; the first edition was published in 1988, the second in 2002 and the third in 2007. The pedigree o the book is, however, actually much older. It was originally known as Tutorial Pharmacy and was initially edited by John Cooper and Colin Gunn, and later by Sidney Carter. For this edition, Professor Aulton has been joined by Professor Kevin Taylor of UCL
School of Pharmacy, London.

What’s New in this 4th Edition?

The structure and the content o this edition have been altered to recent modern thinking and current university curricula worldwide. More importantly, every chapter has received detailed attention and has been revised and updated appropriately. Some o the basic science remains virtually unchanged and will always do so – but other areas, particularly biopharmaceutics and some areas o drug delivery, have changed enormously in recent years.

Several completely new chapters have been included in this edition to ensure the comprehensive nature and currency of this text. Part 5 of the book outlines the wide range of dosage forms available or administration by several routes. In previous editions, suspensions and emulsions as dosage forms were considered together, as disperse systems, in one chapter. In this edition, these are now considered in separate chapters, each written by a new author. This has allowed each system to be described more fully. The emulsions chapter now includes
comprehensive consideration o the formulation, manufacture and properties of semisolid emulsions,
namely creams. This Part is augmented by the inclusion of new chapters that describe the particular
requirements or medicines administered parenterally, i.e. by injection, and or those administered to the eye.


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