Ciprofloxacin (Fluroquinolone Antimicrobial)

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Indication: Gastroenteritis, CAT scratch disease, Q Fever, Spotted Fever, Typhus, UTI, Bone and joint infections, Septicemia, Anthrax, Typhoid and paratyphoid fever


  • Children <12 yrs and adolescents; except where benefit clearly exceeds risk,
  • Pregnancy and lactation; avoid exposure to sunlight or sun lamps

Adverse effect: GI disturbances Headache, tremor, confusion, convulsion, Rashes, Joint pain, Hepatic and renal disturbances, Vasculitis and trachycardia

Resource: For prescribing info click here


Brand Name Manufacturer Company in BD
Beuflox Incepta
Fiprox Sanofi Aventis
Flontin Renata



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