Five medical mistakes that may lead you hiring a malpractice lawyer

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At some point in their lives, virtually everyone falls sick. When they do, they rely on the help of medical professionals. Usually, they do a very good job and the person they are treating gets the help that they need.

But, the fact that every year around 170,000 Americans seek the help of lawyers to file medical lawsuits shows that things do not always go smoothly. As you can see from this website, there are many reasons you may need to hire a medical malpractice lawyer. Below we briefly go through the five most common issues that lead to lawsuits.


Top on the list is misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. Often, this leads to people receiving the wrong treatment. Or, not getting any treatment at all. In many cases, the mistake is only realized when it is too late to help the patient. It is a serious error that can and does lead to thousands of early deaths or serious long-term medical issues.

Medication-related errors

Next, are patients being given the wrong medication. This error comes in many forms.

It is not as simple as the wrong drug or the wrong dose being prescribed. In some cases, the prescription is right, but the pharmacy dispenses the wrong medication. Or, the right drug is given out, but in the wrong concentration.

Perhaps, even more, dangerous is a medical professional not taking adequate note of the other drugs their patient is on. When that happens dangerous interactions can occur, which can cause symptoms that are very difficult to treat.

Mistakes made during surgery

Some of the most serious errors are made during surgeries. Often, there are mistakes you would think were impossible. People still, occasionally, have the wrong organ removed. Surgical instruments and sponges still end up being left behind in patients. This is despite all kinds of checks being made before and during surgery.

Anesthesia errors

One of the most dangerous surgical errors is getting the anesthetic wrong. This can also happen in an outpatient scenario. For example, patients need to be put out for procedures like colonoscopies.

Injuries during childbirth

A huge amount of effort goes into looking after mothers and their babies, at all stages. So, you may be surprised to see injuries during childbirth on the list of most common medical negligence lawsuits.

The fact that on a maternity wing the flow of patients is impossible to control can be a contributing factor. Attending several mums giving birth who are having difficulties means that important things can and do get missed.

Improper use of forceps during birth still happens. The fact that mums and babies are getting bigger is leading to more Caesarean sections being performed. Having more mums being sent for surgery means that more of them are being subjected to the risks that go with it.

How to hire a good medical malpractice lawyer

If any of the above happens to you or a loved one, it is very important to hire a good medical malpractice lawyer. This article explains how to do that.

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