6 Signs That You Need to See Your Dentist in Guam

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Few people actually like to go to the dentist, and that’s a fact. There’s nothing very pleasant about keeping your mouth open, getting your teeth pulled or picked at, or hearing loud drilling noises from the dentist’s chair. For those reasons, you may find every available excuse to postpone your biannual appointments to the dentist. But be warned: the longer you delay dental care, the worse your dental health—and your health in general—may get.

For the most part, it’s fine to visit the dentist only a couple of times a year. But there are other indicators that you need to book an appointment with one of the dentists in Guam immediately. Here are signs that you should pay attention to—and good reasons to see your local dentist right away.

Your Teeth Are Yellow

Plaque is an everyday problem for your teeth, but too much of it may stain them with an undesirable yellow color. This likely means two things. The first is that you should visit your dentist for an exhaustive cleaning session so that you can get those pearly whites back. The second is that you should heed their advice about how to improve your oral hygiene.

This is your opportunity to ask your dentist about brushing and flossing techniques. They may also recommend that you cut down on acidic foods, which break down your tooth’s enamel and leave it prone to damage and discolor. 

You Have Bad Breath

Another embarrassing problem to have with your oral hygiene is bad breath. It may be the type that leaves a lingering foul taste in your mouth, as well as unpleasant-smelling exhalations. This may be a hard issue to acknowledge, but it will be incredibly freeing to see your dentist about it.

Your dentist may be able to diagnose any underlying condition that causes bad breath, such as the dry mouth or gum disease. They will also be able to determine if dental intervention is enough, or if the problem involves another organ and requires the diagnosis and treatment of another doctor. Either way, going to the dentist will help fix the problem of bad breath for the long term.

You Have Obvious Cavities

When should you go to the dentist to get your cavities filled? If they’re nothing serious, then you can wait for your next appointment six months away from your last one. But what if you can see your chipped teeth in the mirror, or can feel a hole with the tip of your tongue? Those are some signs to book an immediate appointment with your dentist.

Getting these cavities filled up right away ensures that your teeth don’t endure any worse damage. And even if you’ve already had work done on your teeth, these fillings can wear away. Be diligent about your dental checkups so that your dentist can help you keep your teeth in tip-top shape.

You’ve Got a Toothache

The next sign that you should schedule an appointment is if you’ve got a noticeable toothache. Such a toothache may make it hard to eat or distract you from your daily tasks. But you won’t know what the exact problem is, and how to stop the pain unless you see your dentist.

Your dentist will be able to pinpoint the reason behind your toothaches, such as a broken tooth, a damaged filling, or an abscess. If the problem lies with infected roots, your dentist can also prescribe you with an antibiotic. When toothaches are involved, remember: it’s better to get treatment now than to wait it out and suffer more later.

Your Gums Feel Extra Sensitive

Your teeth aren’t the only thing you should be worried about. Alarming symptoms may also come from your gums. Take notice if your gums are puffy, hurt more than usual, bleed after you brush your teeth or floss, or have white spots. Then, remember to take this problem up with your dentist.

Extra sensitivity in the gums can mean that bacteria have started to build below the gumline. The solution is likely to involve adjustments to your oral hygiene as recommended by the dentist, as well as more regular cleaning. Address pain in your gums right away so that you can be relieved of further discomfort.

The Condition of Your Teeth Affects the Rest of the Body

Sometimes problems with your dental health affect not only your teeth and gums but the rest of your body. If you can trace other ailments (like headaches or neck pain) back to your teeth, this is a vital sign to see your dentist.

If you’re not a dentist, it’s easy to forget how closely oral health is connected to the health of other parts of the body. But that’s precisely why you should consider the dentist if you want to address these pains. Your dentist is an essential medical professional who can help you maintain not only your dental health but also your general physical condition.

Some people never grow out of their fear of visiting a dental clinic. But a right dentist will inspire not fear, but trust from their patients. They will be thorough, careful, and happy to educate you about what’s happening with your teeth.

Many great dentists hold practice in Guam, so do not hesitate to come and get your teeth and gums looked over!

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