How much it costs the NHS to take care of us

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Do we take the NHS for granted? Our health service – which celebrated its 70th birthday earlier this year – is there for us when we need it, from important advice right up to life-saving operations.

Yet, while we might be aware of the cost of medicines that we buy – and the idea that our taxes go towards funding the health service – do we actually know how much it all costs? When you turn up for a blood test, and X-ray or an MRI you don’t have to get your wallet or purse out, but there is a cost involved. Thankfully, we don’t have to think about this – but how much does it actually cost to deliver the care we need?

This infographic from Pharmacyoutlet explores the cost of a series of appointments, tests, procedures and operations, lifting the lid on the true price of the healthcare we receive…


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