What to Consider Before Getting Dental Veneers in Jacksonville, FL

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Creating the perfect smile has become much more comfortable in recent years than ever before. Gone are the days where adults have to wear braces to perfect their crooked teeth. A beautiful smile can be created through dental artistry in the form of porcelain veneers.

Dentists from all over the world are perfecting the skill of creating gorgeous teeth without the extensive process of wearing braces, getting fillings, or wearing false teeth.

If, for any reason, you feel insecure about the appearance of your teeth, you can consider getting effortless dental veneers to solve the problem. But before you jump into the dentist’s chair, there are a few things you need to consider.

What Exactly are Veneers?

Also known as porcelain veneers or laminates, they are little tooth-colored shells that are customized to an individual’s teeth. After customized creation, the veneers are attached to the surface of visible teeth, ultimately improving their appearance.

Made from resin-composite or porcelain, these little shells are permanently fixed to the teeth using a strong bond.

Who Should Consider Them?

This procedure can help out with any of the following cases:

  • Replacing teeth that are worn down, discolored, or stained
  • Closing the gaps between teeth
  • Correcting misalignments, uneven appearances, and irregularly shaped teeth with either bulges, chips, or holes
  • Changing the appearance for someone who isn’t satisfied with their natural look

Getting this procedure done isn’t a must but, ultimately, a personal choice. Dental procedures like getting a filling or a crown are necessary for preventing toothache or future medical problems.

Those who are considering getting veneers is pure because they want to change the appearance of their smile.

Benefits of Veneers

Dentists like Dr. Bilotti can do magic with dental veneers with the ultimate benefit of changing the appearance of a smile. A more aligned smile creates high self-esteem and confidence.

A Few Things to Consider Before Considering Veneers

Before jumping in the dentist’s chair, consider the following:

A Unique End Result

Getting this procedure done isn’t quite like plastic surgery with a complete teeth reconstruction. Remember that your teeth still have a unique appeal. You can’t walk into the dentist’s office demanding to have a smile that exactly resembles Oprah Winfrey.  Just because Oprah’s smile is dashing doesn’t mean it will fit with your frame.

A professional and experienced dentist will be able to work with what you got, to give you a fantastic result.

It’s still important to keep your teeth’s character without changing it into something that looks completely fake. Consider what exactly you want the customization to look like, and consult with your dentist in finding the perfect solution.

The Perfect Dentist

You need to find a dentist that is trained and capable of the veneer craft. Even though some dentists have extensive experience in the filling, general oral hygiene, and brace application, some dentists specialize in applying veneers.

Do ask around for recommendations and consider going for a general consultation before making your booking. Because the dentist will be changing your smile’s appearance, you must do a bit of a background check and feel comfortable in their hands.  

Find examples of their previous work, to ensure that you like their style. Watch this video to learn more about the complex and precise procedure.

Consider How Many

You don’t have to veneer all your teeth. If perhaps you damaged one tooth in an accident, you can consider veneering only one tooth that covers the crack. The options are endless, and your dentist will be able to match the veneer with the rest of your teeth.

What Color?

The natural color of teeth is either grayish-white or yellow-white. No one’s choppers are a perfect sparkling white. When you want a striking white color, then your new mouth candy might appear fake or even cloudy.

Before deciding on a color, make sure that the ceramists consider the color of your skin to make them look as natural as possible.

Temporary Versions

To make sure that the permanent fixtures are to your liking, most dentists will create temporary versions from a liquid composite. Do make sure that this is an option available with your dentist – as most professionals will want to give you the chance to change your mind before they make the permanent versions.


Veneers are quite expensive. You might have to rock up to $4000 per tooth. This is one procedure where you can’t compromise quality over price. Make sure that you have enough saved up to go all out with the procedure, instead of paying less and being disappointed in the results.

The Procedure

Your dentist will probably discuss the full procedure with you, but you must do some research beforehand. To prep your tooth, the specialist will have to shave away some parts of it; this is usually not more than 0.5 millimeters.

Keep in mind that the full procedure takes quite some time, hours to be exact. Local anesthesia is used, and this is seen as a medical procedure.

Sensitivity to the Bonding

To fix the veneers onto the tooth, bonding cement is used. More than 50% of patients experience sharp pain for almost 7 hours after the experience. It’s important to have some pain killers at hand until the shock has worn off.

Getting dental veneers can completely change your life and your appearance. It’s an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t like their smile.

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