Australian CRO, Avance Clinical is Uniquely Positioned for COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapies Clinical Trials

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Australian CRO Avance Clinical said that Australia’s fast regulatory approval environment, key opinion leader expertise and high-quality clinical research sites, as well as the attractive 40% Government rebate on clinical trial spend, means Avance is uniquely positioned to deliver rapid results for urgent COVID-19 trials.

Avance Clinical offers 20-years of experience in the CRO sector, and has conducted vaccine and infectious diseases trials in the past 5 years. Avance is clearly the CRO of choice for trials targeting COVID-19.

“Importantly, the more than 40% R&D cash rebate from the Australian Government and the attractive current exchange rate, makes Australia one the most cost-effective destinations for conducting clinical trials,” said Avance Clinical CEO Yvonne Lungershausen.

Australia’s reputation for scientific and research excellence, its advanced healthcare, and the opportunity to access patients in a less clinical trial competitive environment further reinforces its advantage as a destination for current COVID-19 trials.

“Our depth of expertise and knowledge in the area makes us the CRO of choice for any biotech looking to develop treatments for COVID-19,” said Ben Edwards, Avance’s Chief Strategy Officer.

“It is also very important to emphasise that based on current trends, Australia is likely to be one of the countries least affected by COVID-19.

We anticipate that this sets the scene for the least amount of disruption to clinical trial activities over the period in which the world adjusts to the situation created by COVID-19.”

Ms Lungershausen said in general terms, we do not anticipate significant disruption to the progress and timelines for the projects we are currently managing across all therapeutics indications. “Our team’s experience in working with remotely based clients and clinical service providers and our virtual communication systems and processes place us in a clear position of strength in maintaining the momentum for our current projects,” she said.

“Our team is very much accustomed to remote communication and management of projects,” said Mr Edwards.

Clinical research sites in Australia have already responded to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, putting measures and systems in place which aim to safeguard the interests of their patients and the general public, while also seeking to minimise disruption to clinical research activities.

The Avance Clinical operations team maintains constant communication with trial sites, receiving the latest information on ongoing changes in procedures and effectively managing the activities relating to the projects being managed by Avance.

“Avance Clinical has a range of tools available to support the sites and our clients to successfully complete their trials during this challenging time. These will be carefully managed to ensure study compliance,” said Ms Lungershausen.

About Avance Clinical

Avance Clinical has more than 20-years of experience and is now one of Australia’s leading Contract Research Organisations. Avance Clinical facilitates quality drug development by aligning people, skills, and expertise in the pursuit of drug development for a healthier world.

Avance Clinical is committed to providing high-quality clinical research services with its highly experienced team. The collective pool of knowledge and experience at Avance Clinical continually grows through the careful selection of experts who also demonstrate passion in their chosen field.

Avance Clinical offers high quality services in an established clinical trial ecosystem, that includes world-class Investigators and Sites able to access specialised patient groups. Other benefits include:

– Access to independent Phase 1 facilities across Australia including hospital-based units for critical care
– Dedicated Investigators committed to clinical research
– Major hospitals with world class infrastructures and dedicated Clinical Trial Units
– Expedited clinical trial start-up timeframes

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