Bosch sets focus on hygienic packaging

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        • Launch of cutting-edge packaging platforms to optimize product safety
        • Pack 301 IN inverted flow wrapper makes European debut
        • Service concept optimizes maintenance, improving line performance

NUREMBERG – Hygiene will be a key focus for Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier of processing and packaging solutions, at FachPack, Nuremberg, Germany, September 24 to 26, 2013. In addition to launching innovative secondary packaging technology, Bosch will showcase technology designed to maximize product safety for manufacturers. These include a state-of-the-art vertical bagger platform and the Pack 301 IN inverted horizontal flow wrapper, which is on display in Europe for the first time, as well as a fully-integrated coffee packaging solution. The flow wrapper is presented with the new product distribution system, a modular direct-depositing pullnose station, able to gently handle a wide variety of products and designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. All machines have been developed to facilitate integration with existing Bosch technology, enabling manufacturers to source all of their packaging line equipment from a single supplier. Optimizing line performance and efficiency will also be a core topic for Bosch at the show, with exhibiting its service concept Preventive Maintenance.

Flexible packaging with Pack 301 IN

Following its 2011 North American launch, the Pack 301 IN is now available to European producers. Developed for the packaging of soft, sticky, flexible or difficult-to-handle products, the inverted horizontal flow wrapper transports the packaging film from below, while the product is fed directly from the feeding system onto the film. This prevents pushing the product over a steel plate, which eliminates a potential source of contamination, enhancing hygiene and product safety. Removable covers and catch pans below the finwheel assembly and on the infeed give manufacturers the benefit of easy cleaning. This further enhances production hygiene for manufacturers whilst maintaining high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Transportation of the product on top of the packaging film from the forming shoulder to the cross-sealing unit minimizes jams, leading to reduced downtime and therefore enhances efficiency. The modular film backstand, which can be placed in various positions relative to the infeed and wrapper, allows to set up the machine according to product specific requirements, resulting in high efficiency and an optimized film path, lowering pack rejection rate. The machine can be easily adjusted to accommodate different product heights, which decreases downtime during product changeovers.

High product quality with integrated coffee packaging technology

Bosch will also exhibit its fully-integrated coffee packaging solution at FachPack 2013, featuring several advanced technologies specially designed to maintain long product shelf life and efficient production. The core of the integrated packaging line is the modular vertical form, fill and seal machine PME 4001 for high-quality bags. The bags are filled with an inert gas flush through the FVS auger filler. The auger filler’s high filling precision, low residual oxygen rates, and gentle product handling result in low product rejects and waste. The valve applicator CVA 2000 VIS ensures reliable and accurate application of inside aroma protection valves, which upholds the coffee quality for consumer satisfaction. The integrated coffee packaging platform also includes the high-precision KWI 6000 checkweigher to measure pack weight and to adjust over- and underfilling of the product by tendency-regulation with the auger filler.

Optimized line performance with Preventive Maintenance service

Bosch will also present its service concept Preventive Maintenance. With the aim of ensuring that appropriate maintenance procedures are conducted at scheduled intervals, Preventive Maintenance helps producers optimize machinery performance and packaging line efficiency. Performed on-site by Bosch’s expert technicians, the service ranges from basic modules, including line check-ups, to support by an embedded engineer, who is specifically trained for the customers´ production requirements and is incorporated into the production team for a certain period of time. A choice of modules is available to meet producers’ specific needs regarding the level of required maintenance, product environment, and seasonal changes in production volume. This modular approach to preventive maintenance enables producers to minimize scheduled maintenance downtime, maximizing productivity and profitability.

Rounding out Bosch’s show presence will be a Carton Printing System (CPS) that includes a Tamper Evident function. With this CPS module, manufacturers can meet the requirements stipulated by Directive 2011/62/EU of the European Union, creating a second layer of security in the form of tamper-proof closures. A maximum of 300 cartons per minute can be printed and verified at a length of approximately 2,000 millimeters. The CPS 1900 with Tamper Evident function places transparent standard labels on the folding carton; verification is accomplished with a sensor. In order to eliminate the customer’s need to purchase an additional machine, this system is available with a labeler or checkweigher, or with a combination of both.

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