FIP appoints a new Chair for FIP Education on pharmacy workforce and education

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Professor Ralph Altiere has been selected by the FIP Bureau at its April meeting and appointed as the interim Chair of the FIPEd Executive committee, and his appointment will be submitted to the FIP Council for ratification in September 2020. He will take office on 1 May 2020.

Professor Bill Charman, the immediate past Chair of the FIPEd Executive Committee, welcomed Ralph’s appointment and said ”having worked with Ralph for many years when he was President, Academic Section; Director of the UniTwin program; and a member of the FIPEd ExCo, I know his experience, insight and leadership skills position him so well to lead FIPEd through the next term of its ambitious development”. 

Bill Charman sincerely thanked his colleagues within FIP and FIPEd and said “in the context of workforce development; engagement across all FIP education constituencies (AcPS, AIM and WDH) has never been higher; engagement with BPP and BPS has steadily increased and improved; and the role and contributions of all cadres of the workforce are well recognised.  Working as a team is always the key to success and achieving transformative change – and I believe the FIPEd team have achieved both of these outcomes’’.

Professor Altiere said “It has been a privilege to contribute to FIP Education over the years, to now have the honour to lead FIPEd and work with my colleagues from around the world as we strive to deliver on our goals of providing value and impact on pharmacy education development globally.  The world has changed dramatically in the last six months and our responsibilities to meet the education needs of our communities could not be greater.  I thank FIP leadership for their support over the years and my predecessors for building a strong FIPEd organization that affords us the opportunity to achieve real impact on students’, pharmacists’ and pharmaceutical scientists’ education and training to meet critical needs of our local and global societies”.

President Jordan said  “I am delighted to support the Bureau’s appointment of Professor Ralph Altiere to the position of FIPEd Chair at FIP. Without education and workforce development, we cannot advance the services and practices we need to deliver, without education and development, our science is not implemented. As such, FIP Ed is essential here in FIP and the FIP Ed Chair is essential to our ONE FIP strategy. I would also like to thank the other applicants, who were worthy candidates and whose work with FIP we also value. I look forward to working with Ralph as a we strive for ONE FIP, especially during these times of crisis, I know I have his trust, more than ever we need solidarity and action and I know he will support FIP to deliver.’’

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