Olympus EU-ME3 Ultrasound Processor, Delivers Higher Resolution Images for Endoscopic Ultrasound

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TOKYO / HAMBURG,  Olympus Corporation (Olympus), a global medtech company committed to making lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling, has announced the launch of the EU-ME3, a new Endoscopic Ultrasound Processor which addresses the needs of healthcare professionals for high-quality clear images while conducting endoscopic ultrasound procedures. The EU-ME3 will be available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, parts of Asia, and Oceania within this fiscal year.

As a pioneer in endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) technology, Olympus aims to leverage its experience to enhance the care pathway in gastrointestinal and respiratory disease management. EUS technology is used in endoscopic ultrasonography, imaging to support the diagnosis of lesions in the pancreas, the bile ducts, or lesions that are located deep inside the body and are not visible with gastrointestinal endoscopes. In addition, the technology enables the detailed examination of pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, and the diagnosis of cancer invasion in the stomach and the esophagus. It also plays a key role in facilitating the visualization of endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration (EBUS-TBNA) for early, minimally invasive diagnosis and lung cancer staging.

“It is said that pancreatic cancer is difficult to be detected in its early stages, and that lung cancer has the highest mortality rate among all cancers. With the launch of the EU-ME3, Olympus aims to enhance the standard of care including these diseases to further improve the quality of life of patients,” said Hironobu Kawano, Head of Endoscopic Solutions Division at Olympus.

Advancing the dimensions of Endosonography

With the needs of healthcare professionals and patient outcomes at its core, EU-ME3 can be tailored to improve a variety of procedures.

Enhanced visualization and usability

EU-ME3 provides outstanding image quality and functionality – the image quality has been substantially enhanced compared to the prior generation model (EU-ME2), providing enhanced visualization, and supporting more reliable diagnosis and treatment.

Shear Wave Quantification, a newly equipped feature for EU-ME3, also contributes to accurate diagnosis by providing quantitative information on the stiffness of tumor and inflamed lesions, an important factor when diagnosing the degree of pancreatitis and malignancy of pancreatic cancer during endoscopic ultrasonography.

Focus on procedure by tailoring

The EUS procedure typically utilizes a variety of observation modes depending on procedure type or clinical area. In addition to the basic observation mode, EU-ME3 offers software options for individual clinical needs, aimed at tailoring depending on specialty.

Smart and customizable user settings make it easy to fulfil needs for multiple specialties and personal requirements, while the backlit keyboard includes a simple, easy-to-use large touch panel and trackpad, designed to support better operability and easier cleaning.

With EU-ME3, the aim is seamless workflow integration for healthcaare professionals while advancing the dimensions of endosonography for better overall patient outcome.

About Olympus

In its Endoscopic Solutions business, Olympus uses innovative capabilities in medical technology, therapeutic intervention and precision manufacturing to help healthcare professionals deliver diagnostic, therapeutic and minimally invasive procedures to improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance the quality of life for patients. Starting with the world’s first gastrocamera in 1950, Olympus’ Endoscopic Solutions portfolio has grown to include endoscopes, laparoscopes, and video imaging systems, digital and integrated customer solutions, as well as solutions for infection prevention. For more information, visit www.olympus-global.com and follow our global Twitter account: @Olympus_Corp.

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